You probably already know this, but we are a site that puts your well-being first. On this occasion, it is essential for us to allow you to have the best possible experience in the world of gaming and more precisely today…in that of online gaming.

Online game room

Getting started and therefore taking your first steps in the world of online casinos can be as intimidating as entering a land-based casino. But if it remains quite reassuring in the second case, it can also become dangerous in the first, because there are some unscrupulous operators on the internet that you will have to avoid or know how to spot. We are therefore ready today, through this file, to inform you to avoid these thugs who are ready to do anything to rob players who are too naive and credulous. We also advise you to read most of our articles published on this site, before registering with a casino, because they contain important and complementary elements to this article. You will then become unbeatable on games like blackjack.

Choose a reliable platform

This is the very first thing to which you will have to give your full attention. It is indeed essential to opt for a trustworthy operator. And if that remains much easier said than done, there are a few tips to avoid the scams that abound on the web. We sometimes find ourselves, when we dive into this unknown world of online gambling, facing casinos that promise mountains and wonders. We are then enticed by bonuses which are impossible to reach in the end or worse sometimes not even viruses in software. Not to mention the fake sites that harass you by email or phone to encourage you to spend more and more on their platform. There are many scams and it is therefore important to know how to avoid them.

But don’t panic! There are a large number of reliable sites and so we will teach you how to choose the casino that really suits you. To do this, simply select a casino that meets three main criteria that we will reveal to you immediately.

Criterion 1 – Find a good site that is regulated by the authority of the country where it is installed.
Criterion 2 – The site must show total transparency by clearly indicating its contact details and by detailing precisely the conditions of its bonuses and promotions.
Criterion 3 – The site must guarantee you fast withdrawals.

Welcome bonus

It is certainly not really easy to start in online gambling, but our advice is there to help you choose a quality site, play wisely while cleverly managing your funds and your budget. And to do this, you will necessarily have to go through the bonus box. Indeed, if you are new to an online casino, you will necessarily be invited to take advantage of a welcome bonus. The principle of the bonus is simple: it generally multiplies your first deposit.
This means that when the casino offers you a 100% bonus, then you receive an amount equal to your deposit. We find this kind of offer on almost all reliable casinos, sometimes even offering bonuses of 200% or more…which then allow you to receive twice the amount deposited…or more depending on the rate! But if you want to take advantage of these sign-up bonuses to the maximum, you have to be well informed, because this kind of welcome bonus is always accompanied by more or less strict conditions forcing you, for example, to have to bet several times the amount of your bonus to be able to unlock it.

Free games

Most casinos offer their online games in paid version but also in free demo version. These seconds are an excellent opportunity to learn how to play without risk. Indeed, these free games are in fact a recommended step, even compulsory for all beginners, because here we find ourselves with one of the best ways to learn the rules of the different games. Not to mention that it will also allow you to familiarize yourself more quickly and easily with the online casino you have chosen. Playing in play money also allows you to test a potential new gaming strategy or to test the volatility of the slot machine live, for example.

Responsible attitude

It is up to you to manage your account and therefore your bankroll! If you really want to have fun in the long term, then it will be necessary to know how to manage your funds well, and believe us… it is not necessarily an easy task when you start and throw yourself into the world of gaming by line. It is therefore important to have the best reflexes from the start by always putting a reasonable sum of money at stake. You should never put more money into play than you can afford to lose. Two other tips are to increase your bets only very gradually and to stop the game when you lose several times in a row. Finally, one of the most judicious advice from us will be to encourage you to regularly transfer your winnings to a bank account.

Player reviews

This will be our last point, but not the least to help you get started in an online casino. You should frequent player forums, Facebook pages and groups or take a look at casino forums if they have them. The opinions of other players are really important and matter for many reasons. It remains indeed rather reassuring and very useful to read what players have thought of their experience in the online casino on which you intend to register, but it is even more essential to do so, because you will then be able to considerably increase your chances of winning and not falling on a “crappy” casino.

And for that, nothing beats the opinions and personal experiences of more experienced players who will then be of great help to you. You can understand and identify the workings and tricks of the games much more quickly thanks to the exchanges that you will be able to establish with other online casino enthusiasts, and to meet other players who were like you one day, a beginner, and who will therefore be able to guide and enlighten you during your first steps…as was the case when they were in your place at the time. You now have the basics to manage on your own and above all… to find the casino that suits you best, the most reliable, the most serious and above all… the one that will give you joy, fun and money!