Roulette is a casino game that has always made the most ambitious of players dream. It can happen that we are not sure of being able to win big at roulette during a session in a casino. On we are going to prove to you that this is quite possible, by telling you wonderful stories of winners who are at the origin of magnificent exploits and above all of fabulous gains. Once you have finished reading our article, you too will surely be convinced that you can win big winnings on roulette games!

We therefore invite you to discover the 7, not “mercenaries” but rather the most famous roulette winners in the history of the game. Showing patience, insight, temerity, audacity and perhaps taking advantage of very lucky, these players managed to win huge winnings by playing roulette and marked the history of casinos.

Joseph Jaggers in 1873

Joseph Jaggers is quite simply the first big player to have taken advantage of a biased roulette wheel in 1873. Accompanied by six other accomplices, Joseph Jaggers examined with his team the behavior of the wheels at the Monte-Carlo casino. After having analyzed the ball launches and the roulette rotations for a long time, the fine, unscrupulous team then noticed a biased roulette wheel. They settled there and won $325,000, an incredible and phenomenal sum for the time.

Charles Wells in 1891

All roulette game enthusiasts have at least once heard of this individual known as being considered the man who broke the bank. Charles Wells indeed accomplished a fabulous feat in 1891, when he was seated in front of a roulette wheel in the Monte-Carlo casino. Diligent and tenacious, he returns several days in a row to roulette in this famous casino, breaking the bank during each of his incredible gaming sessions.

It must be said that our character arrived with only £4,000 in his pocket and that he left with more than a million French francs. A truly gigantic and incredible sum for the time and which even earned him a song about him called “The Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte-Carlo”. For the little anecdote, since we are talking about “breaking the bank”, it seems wise to explain to you that this sentence means “winning all the money on the table”. This is a rather inconvenient situation for the establishment, which is then obliged to cover the table with a black cloth, just long enough to supply the croupier’s cash register and therefore replenish the bank account.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo in 1990

This man won 600,000 euros in a single day at the Madrid casino. If the name Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo means anything to you, it’s because he enjoyed a brilliant career in the 90s. An actor, producer in the music industry and radio host, this media personality is very quickly became one of the greatest roulette players of all time…but not necessarily by following a course of action. Following somewhat in the footsteps of Joseph Jaggers, the gambler we just saw who won in 1873 using unconventional methods, this man has developed a biased method of betting. A trick that still allowed him to take advantage of the Madrid casino and win millions of euros.

Assisted by his accomplice son, this suitor had indeed developed a method which consisted of collecting as much information as possible at the roulette tables in various land-based casinos. Until then, nothing very criminal, except that he then developed a computer program which then automatically classified the numbers that came out most often while identifying the faulty and especially biased wheels. Gonzalo was never convicted of cheating, despite the fact that he was permanently expelled from the Madrid casino for defrauding him of 600,000 euros!

Pawel Piskorski in 1992

More recently, the politician Pawel Piskorski would have won 4,950,000,000 zloty in 1992. Seated at roulette, he would therefore have pocketed more than $175,000. We use the conditional because he actually explained at the time that these earnings were the reason for his high income when it was impossible at the same time to earn so much. Indeed, the maximum bet being 1,000,000 zloty, this would have meant that Pawel would have won 188 times by systematically placing the maximum bet on the table. We are witnessing here an unsolved case, but which nevertheless enters our list of the best gains.

Ashley Revell in 2004

Our fifth big winner on the list of biggest wins in casino roulette happens to be Ashley Revell who actually sold all of her personal possessions to play roulette at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. Goodbye house, car, jewelry and clothes and hello the spinning wheel!
Once his savings in hand, it was with the staggering sum of $136,000 that he landed at the casino. On a brave placement of the total sum on the winning color red, he took a deep breath and was relieved when the ball landed on 7 Red. Indeed, he then left with the trifle of $272,000! Quite a chance for this man who had simply decided to put his whole life and his future in the hands of a roulette wheel on a successful 50/50 bet!

Mike Ashley in 2008

He was one of the most powerful men in England at the time, as he was the chairman of Newcastle Football Club. He once had the slightly crazy idea of ​​betting £480,000 on all the results that included the number 17. The ball landing exactly on the perfect number, so he won £800,000 before finishing this shot with £1.3 million in front of him.

Sir Philip Green in 2005

And finally, how not to mention Sir Philip Green?! This man very quickly forged a reputation as an active and above all nervous gambler and bettor. See even one of the most nervous gamblers in history. This man is simply the owner of Arcadia, a British multinational based in London. The group has over 2,500 outlets in the UK, concessions in UK department stores such as Debenhams, Selfridges and House of Fraser, and several hundred franchises in other countries. So you imagine that he is at the head of an immense fortune.

Having particularly a lot of money to spend and being ultimately a very big fan of roulette at the casino, it was in 2005 that he would have won more than £2 million at the Les Ambassadeurs casino thanks to his favorite game. He also claimed to have won £1 million more in the same period at other games. These seven big winners prove to us through their stories that roulette remains to this day one of the games that arouse the most fascination among players and bettors in the casino. We are faced with a game that has stood the test of time, as you have seen, and which very often gives rise to thrilling stories like the ones we have just told you today on! In any case, we hope that you will follow the path of these lucky winners thanks to our advice on our portal!