Roulette is a very popular casino game in gambling establishments and online casinos. The game was invented in the 17th century by the mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal. Roulette is the game of chance that offers the most distribution of winnings to players. There are several types of roulette, such as European Roulette, American Roulette, Mexican Roulette, and Royal Roulette. The gaming table is made up of two essential parts: the betting tables where you place your bets and the roulette wheel. The roulette game is played with a cylinder containing 38 squares, a carpet to place bets and a ball. The squares are numbered from 0 to 36 and are colored red or black. The objective is to determine what will be the color and the number of the box in which the ball will fall. If the ball lands on a square on which you have placed a bet, you will bring winnings depending on the type of your bet. No matter what form of roulette you choose, it’s a completely random and unpredictable game so it’s very difficult to predict which number will come up. However, there are a few tricks to increase your chances of winning. Here are 5 tricks to win at roulette:

Choose European roulette over other varieties of roulette

In casinos within the European Union, you have the choice between two varieties of roulette: European roulette and American roulette. It is always better to play European Roulette. The European roulette table has only one zero slot, while the American roulette table has a zero and a double zero. The odds of winning are therefore much higher when you choose European roulette. In addition to having only one zero, it is also the form of roulette that pays the most. Indeed, the house edge in American roulette is 5.26% while that for European roulette is only 2.7%. Some online casinos will offer you to play European roulette without the zero. The player and the house will therefore have the same chances of winning. Often,

Practice in free mode before wagering money

Roulette rules are quite simple but it is not enough to just understand the rules. You will learn game strategies and techniques by practicing. Most online casinos offer players to play in free mode before moving on to roulette in real money mode. So you can test your theories without taking unnecessary risks. If you are a beginner, play a few games in demo mode before betting your money.

Bet on simple odds

When you play roulette, you have the opportunity to make a large number of bets. At most, you can win 35 times your original bet. The different types of bets possible in European roulette are as follows: the full number, two numbers that straddle, the transverse, the square, the straight, the six, the dozen, the column, the colors, the evens/odds. Keep in mind that the lower the house edge, the greater your winnings. The bets where the chances of winning are higher are the bets on the simple odds. These are bets on red or black, or on an odd or even number. In addition, in 50% of cases, you will have the possibility of doubling your bet.

Remember that roulette is an unpredictable and random game

A number of players think that if several reds come out of affiliate, there is a good chance that the next number will be a black one. However, it is statistically proven that the game of roulette is completely random and unpredictable. It is therefore impossible to predict the number that will come out. Don’t be fooled by probability calculations, they won’t help you. Roulette is a game of pure chance. There is therefore no correlation between the numbers that will come out and the numbers that have fallen. Each event is independent and one number is always as likely to come out as another.

Use the martingale in small doses

The roulette martingale is often considered the best surefire technique for winning all your bets. The most well-known form of roulette martingale is the classic martingale. Its principle is simple. Just bet on an event with a one in two chance of occurring. So you can bet on red or black, an even number or an odd number. If you lose you have to double your bets until you win. What’s attractive is the near impossibility of losing in the long run. For example, if you bet 10 euros, you either win 20 euros or you lose. If you double, your bet increases to 20 euros. However, getting it wrong a few times in a row is enough to lose a lot of money. Moreover, although the martingale is not prohibited, the casinos do not like this technique. You can use it in small doses, but don’t overdo it as it’s an easily spotted tactic in online casinos. Gambling establishments, real or virtual, offer low betting thresholds to prevent players from profiting too much from martingales.

It is therefore possible to increase your chances of winning at roulette by following certain rules or by using more elaborate methods. However, it is impossible to know exactly which number will come out. As we have already explained, roulette is a completely random game of pure chance. Our 5 tips will help you make the most of your games while having a good time. To your games!