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Nowadays, as more people make use of the internet, their computers and valuable data in their computer systems become a more interesting target for the intruders. Attackers scan the Interne..................

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NESSUS is a very powerful open-source tool designed to identify the presence of known security holes. * Official site: http://www.nessus...................

Page name : Input Output Completion Ports , Posted by: smart paper boy Input Output Completion Ports, Input, Output, completion port, createiocompletionport, io completion, io completion port, io completion port example, io completion ports, serial port complete, serial port complete second edition, win sockets, win32 sockets, windows sockets, Completion, Ports,
This article presents a class which can be used in both the client and server code. The class uses IOCP (Input Output Completion Ports) and asynchronous (non-blocking) function calls which are explained later
With this simple report you could understood :
• Service or connect to multiple client..................

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Console Application is small sample console application which is used to display product details. On execution of the application a dos window is displayed where it instructs the user to enter product id and press enter. the application searches for product data related to entered product id and dis..................

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Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) is defined by ITU-T G.7041. This allows mapping of variable length, higher-layer client signals over a transport network like SDH/SONET. The client signals can be protocol data unit (PDU) oriented (like IP/PPP or Ethernet Media access control ) or can be block-co..................

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