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"smart bus"

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Smart Dust

The current ultramodern technologies are focusing on automation and miniaturization. The decreasing computing device size, increased connectivity and enhanced interaction with the physical world have characterized computing's history. Recently, the popularity of small co..................

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The Project provide a way to book your Bus Ticket online and provide a admin login page. It is connected to all the branches and get request from all the branches.
It also contains a Presentation to help the students.

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An integrated circuit card (ICC), more popularly known as a smart card, temperresistant, computer programmable data storage. It has the exact shape and size of a debit(ATM) card, but can hold 4KB-64KB of information and perform modest amount of data processing as well. Smart card ensures ..................

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As a part of Phoenix Tours Coach Tour Operator; we are well known and trusted Minibus Company that offers transportation for all kinds of needs. We aim to provide a high level of service for our clients to receive a top box service with a repeat business on coming travel.

Our clients are specia..................

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Smart bombs are weapons capable of destroying enemy targets with out the need for a launch aircraft to penetrate the envelops of the air defense systems. These essentially comprise a terminal guidance unit that guides them in the last phase to achieve pinpoint accuracy. Increased acc..................

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