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09-11-2016, 10:18 AM
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RRB Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician Model Paper - I

.pdf  1467292187-DownloadRRBAssistantLocoPilotTechnicianModelTest.pdf (Size: 318.39 KB / Downloads: 4)

General knowledge, Reasoning, Arithmetic
1. A lunar eclipse occurs when?
a. The moon comes between the sun and the earth.
b. The earth comes between the Sun and the moon.
c. The Sun comes between the earth and the moon.
d. None.
2. Who introduced famous 20 point input-output programme?
a. Rajiv Gandhi b. Indira Gandhi
c. P.V.Narasimha Rao d. None
3. The Nanvakkal is famous in?
a. Sericulture b. Piggory
c. Poultry d. None
4. How many bones are in the adult human skeleton?
a. 205 b. 206 c. 207 d. 212
5. The Agricultural University is it?
a. Coimbatore b. Salem c. Sivaganga d. None
6. In Tamil Nadu Bird Sanctuary is situated at?
a. Mudumalai b. Vedanthangal
c. Mundanthurai d. None
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7. The famous lion reserve is situated at?
a. Gir sanctuary b. Hazaribagh Park
c. Corbett Park d. None
8. Who out of the following had abolished Zajiya on Hindus?
a. Aurangzeb b. Jahangir c. Shah Jahan d. Akbar
9. Sound cannot travel through?
a. Vacuum b. Hydrogen gas c. Water d. Steel
10. Which planet is the nearest to the Sun?
a. Earth b. Venus c. Pluto d. Mercury
11. Which of the following diseases is caused by virus?
a. Pellagra b. Small-pox c. Filariasis d. None
12. The density of water is higher at?
a. 4° C b. 0°C c. -4°C d. -273°C
13. Which one of the following regulates & co-ordinates the group
movement of skeletal muscles?
a. Cerebrum b. Cerebellum c. Spinal cord d. Medulla
14. Chemical equations can be written on the basis of
a. Law of constant proportion b. Law of multiple proportions
c. Law of reciprocal proportion d. None
15. Trimuthis festival is annually held at
a. Tanjore b. Tirurayar
c. Tiruavares d. Kumbakonam
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16. If the side of a square is increased by 25% then how much percent
does its area get increased?
a. 125 b. 156.25 c. 50 d. 56.25
17. If the circumference of a circle is 44 meters, then its area in m2
a. 145 b. 154 c. 308 d. 462
18. The height of a cylinder in 14cm and its curved surface area is 264 The Volume of the cylinder is
a. 308 cm2
b. 396 cm3
c. 1848 m3
d. 1232 cm3
19. How many times are the hands of a clock at right angles in a day?
a. 24 b. 48 c. 22 d. 44
20. Which letter will be the sixth to the right of the eleventh letter from
the right end of the English alphabet?
a. K b. V c. J d. U
21. What number is opposite “3”?

a. 1 b. 2 below c. 5 d. 4
22. COOK – BAT = 21, then CANE – HAD =?
a. 9 b. 11 c. 10 d. 15

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23. Pointing out to a person a man said to a woman. ‘’His mother is the
only daughter of your father’’. How as the woman related to the
a. Aunt b. Brother c. Cousin d. Mother
Direction (24-27): Read the following information and Answer the questions.
Five persons namely P, Q, X, Y and Z are sitting in a park. ‘P’ is the
mother of ‘X’ who is wife of ‘Z’. ‘Y’ is brother of ‘P’ and ‘Q’ is the
husband of ‘P’.
24. How is P related to Z?
a. Mother b. Aunt d. None
25. How is Y related to Q?
a. Brother b. Brother-in-law
c. Cousin d. Uncle
26. How is X related to Q?
a. Daughter b. Niece c. Aunt d. Mother
27. How is Q related to Z?
a. Brother-in-law b. Father
c. Father-in-law d. None
28. In 12 hours the hands of the clock will coincide and at 90° for how
many times?
a. 22 b. 11 c. 32 d. 33

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29. 15, 30, 60, 105, _____?
a. 160 b. 175 c. 150 d. 165
30. Find out wrong Number?
16, 23, 26, 64, 100, 144
a. 36 b. 16 c. 25 d. 144
31. Who invented the law of gravitational force?
a. Einstein b. C.V. Raman c. Newton d. None
32. Energy generated by turbine blade is?
a. P.E. b. P.E. + K .E c. K.E d. None
33. What is the purpose of tempering for hardened steel?
a. To harden the steel b. To soften the steel
c. To change the structure d. To strengthen the steel
34. Leg vice is sued for _____ operations?
a. Smithy b. Forging c. Casting d. Welding
35. Rainbow has elliptical shape due to?
a. Reflection b. Refraction c. Rare Fraction d. None
36. When bullet is fired, which law is applied to riffle?
a. Newton’s 111rd law b. Law of conservation
c. 156 law of thermodynamics d. All of the above
c. Mother-in-law
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