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30-07-2009, 05:10 PM
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Robotics (Download Full Seminar Report)

ROBOT”Mechatronic device consists of Brain (computer) and sensorsand mechanical parts. There are four laws to be followed for Robo implementation Robots predict like Human by applying ARRTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE concept to them.Then they can think like Humans that is they acquire SIXTH SENSE. RISE OF MACHINES that is ROBOT has undergone four types of step by step Generation.Robot is a combination of many systems such as Controller, Mobility, Sensor etc¦

The robot Hands are moved using the MATRIX Transformation techniques.Robots have advantage over many fields such as medical, space, agriculture etc¦There are some dangerous things may happen by robots when they do dangerous jobs. Robot “The TERMINATOR which can terminate the given job without failure.


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12-01-2011, 11:43 AM
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RE: Robotics (Download Full Seminar Report)

.pdf  Robotics[1].pdf (Size: 380.34 KB / Downloads: 2320)

What is Robotics/A.I
• Robotics is the study of the design, construction
and use of robots.
• Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer
science that deals with writing computer
programs that can solve problems creatively;
"workers in AI hope to imitate or duplicate
intelligence in computers and robots"

Definition of a Robot
• "A reprogrammable, multifunctional
manipulator designed to move material, parts,
tools, or specialized devices through various
programmed motions for the performance of a
variety of tasks" .
• Or a simpler version
• An automatic device that performs functions normally
ascribed to humans or a machine in the form of a human.

What is a Robot
• The term robot derives from the
Czech word robota, meaning
forced work or compulsory
service, or robotnik, meaning
• First used to describe fabricated
workers in a fictional 1920s play
called Rossum’s Universal
Robots by Czech author Karel

Robots in Early History
• Ancient Greek poet Homer described maidens of gold,
mechanical helpers built by Hephaistos, the Greek god
of metalsmiths.
• The golems of medieval Jewish legend were robot-like
servants made of clay, brought to life by a spoken
• In 1495, Leonardo da Vinci drew plans for a
mechanical man.
• Real robots were only possible in the 1950s and 1960s
with the introduction of transistors and integrated

First Commercial Robot
• After the 1950’s the first
commercial robot
nicknamed the
'Unimate‘, was created.
• The first Unimate was
installed at a General
Motors plant to work
with heated die-casting
machines .
Following the early instances of robots in plays
and science fiction stories , robots then started
to appear on television shows, like Lost in Space
and then in Hollywood movies.
• In Lost in Space the robot demonstrated human
characteristics such as feelings and emotions.
• Scientists today are still a long way off from
programming robots which can think and act
like humans.

29-01-2011, 07:06 PM
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RE: Robotics (Download Full Seminar Report)
its a nice opic.Thanq for giving such a nice topicSmile
30-01-2011, 06:54 PM
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RE: Robotics (Download Full Seminar Report)
hi please send the entire report related to this topic
01-02-2011, 02:55 PM
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RE: Robotics (Download Full Seminar Report)
please go through the following threads for more details on Robotics.

08-03-2011, 07:48 PM
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RE: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics (Download Full Seminar Report)
please send me the detailed report of the seminar topic : Artificial Intelligence in Robotics to my mail id:sonu.rashu[at]
10-03-2011, 02:18 PM
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RE: Robotics (Download Full Seminar Report)

.ppt  robotics.ppt (Size: 2.28 MB / Downloads: 483)
Saeed B. Niku, “Introduction to robotics,” Prentice Hall, 2001
John Craig, “Introduction to robotics,3rd Ed.” Prentice Hall, 2005
Mark W. Spong, M. Vidyasagar, “Robot Dynamics and Control”, John Wiley.
Richard P. Paul, “Robot Manipulators: Mathematics, Programming and Control”, MIT Press
Course Objectives
At the end of this course, you should be able to:
Describe and analyze rigid motion.
Write down manipulator kinematics and operate with the resulting equations
Solve simple inverse kinematics problems.
A brief history of robotics. Coordinates and Coordinates Inversion. Trajectory planning. Sensors. Actuators and control. Why robotics?
Basic Kinematics. Introduction. Reference frames. Translation. Rotation. Rigid body motion. Velocity and acceleration for General Rigid Motion. Relative motion. Homogeneous coordinates.
Robot Kinematics. Forward kinematics. Link description and connection. Manipulator kinematics. The workspace.
Syllabus (cont.)
Inverse Kinematics. Introduction. Solvability. Inverse Kinematics. Examples. Repeatability and accuracy.
Basic Dynamics. Definitions and notation. Laws of Motion.
Trajectory Planning
Policies and Grades
There will be two homework assignments, one mid-term and one final examinations.
The test will be close book. The homeworks will count 7.5% each towards the final grade, the midterm exam 30%, final exam 40% and lab 15%.
Policies and Grades (cont.)
Collaboration in the sense of discussions is allowed. You should write final solutions and understand them fully. Violation of this norm will be considered cheating, and will be taken into account accordingly.
Can work alone or in teams of 2
You can also consult additional books and references but not copy from them.
The Project
EXTRA 10% marks on overall performance!
Can work alone or in teams of 2
What is a Robot?
Why use Robots?
Robot History
Robot Applications
What is a robot?
Origin of the word “robot”
Czech word “robota”– labor, “robotnik” – workman
1923 play by Karel Capek – Rossum’s Universal Robots
Definition: (no precise definition yet)
Webster’s Dictionary
An automatic device that performs functions ordinarily ascribed to human beings èwashing machine = robot?
Robotics Institute of American
A robot (industrial robot) is a reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move materials, parts, tools, or specialized devices, through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks.
What is a robot?
By general agreement, a robot is:
A programmable machine that imitates the actions or appearance of an intelligent creature–usually a human.
To qualify as a robot, a machine must be able to:
1) Sensing and perception: get information from its surroundings
2) Carry out different tasks: Locomotion or manipulation, do something physical–such as move or manipulate objects
3) Re-programmable: can do different things
4) Function autonomously and/or interact with human beings
Types of Robots
Robot Manipulators
Types of Robots
Mobile Robot Examples
Autonomous Robot Examples
Why Use Robots?
Application in 4D environments
4A tasks
Why Use Robots?
Increase product quality
Superior Accuracies (thousands of an inch, wafer-handling: microinch)
Repeatable precision è Consistency of products
Increase efficiency
Work continuously without fatigue
Need no vacation
Increase safety
Operate in dangerous environment
Need no environmental comfort – air conditioning, noise protection, etc
Reduce Cost
Reduce scrap rate
Lower in-process inventory
Lower labor cost
Reduce manufacturing lead time
Rapid response to changes in design
Increase productivity
Value of output per person per hour increases
Robot History
George C. Devol obtains the first U.S. robot patent, No. 2,998,237.
– Joe Engelberger formed Unimation and was the first to market robots
First production version Unimate industrial robot is installed in a die-casting machine
Unimation, Inc. was formed, (Unimation stood for "Universal Automation")
Robot History
Unimation takes its first multi-robot order from General Motors.
"Shakey," the first intelligent mobile robot system was built at Stanford Research Institute, California.
Robot History
Shakey (Stanford Research Institute)
the first mobile robot to be operated using AI techniques
Simple tasks to solve:
To recognize an object using vision
Find its way to the object
Perform some action on the object (for example, to push it over)
Robot History
Robot vision, for mobile robot guidance, is demonstrated at the Stanford Research Institute.
Unimate robots assemble Chevrolet Vega automobile bodies for General Motors.
General Motors becomes the first company to use machine vision in an industrial application The Consight system is installed at a foundry in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada.
The Stanford Cart
Stanford Cart
Equipped with stereo vision.
Take pictures from several different angles
The computer gauged the distance between the cart and obstacles in its path
Robot History

The first PUMA (Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly) robot is developed by Unimation for General Motors.
IBM enters the robotics field with its 7535 and 7565 Manufacturing Systems.
Westinghouse Electric Corporation bought Unimation, Inc., which became part of its factory automation enterprise. Westinghouse later sold Unimation to Staubli of Switzerland.
Industrial Robot --- PUMA
Installed Industrial Robots
How are they used?
Industrial robots
70% welding and painting
20% pick and place
10% others
Research focus on
Manipulator control
End-effector design
Compliance device
Dexterity robot hand
Visual and force feedback
Flexible automation
Robotics: a much bigger industry
Robot Manipulators
Assembly, automation
Field robots
Military applications
Space exploration
Service robots
Cleaning robots
Medical robots
Entertainment robots
Field Robots
Service robots

The Course at a Glimpse: Kinematics
F(robot variables) = world coordinates
x = x(x1,¼, xn)
y = y(x1,¼, xn)
z = z(x1,¼, xn)
In a “cascade” robot, Kinematics is a single-valued mapping.
“Easy” to compute.
Kinematics: Example
x1= q, x2=r
1£ r £ 4.5
0 £ q£ 50o
Inverse Kinematics
G(world coordinates) = robot variables
x1 = x1(x,y,z)
x1 = x1(x,y,z)
The inverse problem has a lot of geometrical difficulties
inversion may not be unique!
Inverse Kinematics: Example
13-03-2011, 12:10 PM
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RE: Robotics (Download Full Seminar Report)
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