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28-01-2010, 12:25 AM
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power electronics projects

To get specific project abstract/report/source code of each topic please browse through http://www.seminarprojectsForum-electronics-electrical-instrumentation-applied-electronics-project-ideas

a) SPEED Control of DC motor using PWM technique
b) I V R S For Industries
c) Stepper Motor Direction Controlling.
d) Design And Implementation Of Object Counter For Industrial Automation
e) SPEED synchronization of two DC motors
f) Smart card based Vehicle Operated System
g) TRIAC Based SPEED Control Of Induction Motor
h) Automatic load sharing of transformers
i) DC motor control using PC (pulse width modulation technique).
j) Direction Control of Stepper Motor
k) Electrical Apparatus Control System In A Plant Using RF Wireless Communication.

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10-02-2010, 10:37 PM
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RE: power electronics projects
a) Video analyzing remote controlled vacuum cleaner
b) Remote controlled sub marine (model)
c) Audio communication through fiber optics (or) laser beam
d) Industrial power saving and automatic attendance system
e) Intelligent security system for apartments
f) Automatic distance measurement and braking system by using ultrasonic waves
g) Electricity theft identifier for industrial applications
h) D c motor speed controlling system using igbt control
i) Automatic phase sequence indicator and controlling system
j) Automatic power factor controller for industrial application
k) Gear level indicator
l) Intelligent bank security system
m) Digital fuel level indicator
n) Automatic packing control machine
o) Stepper motor speed controlling system using cell phone
p) Multi-motor control using password
q) Variable speed control of belt conveyor
r) Vehicle speed measuring system using ir sensor
s) Dc motor speed regulation system
t) Intelligent emergency light
u) Distance measurement using ultrasonic wave
v) Automatic telephone answering and recording system
w) Fully automated star-delta starter with dry run and single phasing preventer
x) Temperature and respiration monitoring system
y) Telephone line based audio muting and light on/off control system
z) Multi-device control system using frequency modulation
aa) Multi-motor speed control system using cell phone
bb) Automatic induction motor starter with programmable timer
cc) Automatic pick and place spray painting sequence robot
dd) Sensor operated paper counting machine
ee) Sensor based automatic steering control system for automobile
ff) Sensor operated accident avoiding system for machine
gg) Cordless home security system
hh) Multi-channel digital code locking system
ii) Motorized jib crane
jj) Audio communication through laser beam
kk) Automatic moisture and light controlling system for garden
ll) Closed loop pressure controlling system
mm) Ac motor speed controlling system
nn) Industry safety control system
oo) Remote operated belt conveyor
pp) Automatic dish washing machine
qq) Remote controlled solar vehicle
rr) Sensor operated auto feed punching machine
ss) Automatic railway ticket dispensing machine
tt) Sensor operated automatic door open/close mechanism
uu) Tel-phone line based generic switching system
vv) Remote motor star-delta starter with dry run and single phasing preventer
ww) Digital speed control of d c motor
xx) Automatic college bell with announcements system
yy) Automatic robot over speed controlling system for people zone
zz) Automatic temperature controller with cooling system
aaa) Automatic railway track crack detecting vehicle
bbb) Electrical power generation system using railway track
ccc) Intelligent way searching pick and place robot
ddd) Automatic double axis welding robot
eee) Sensor operated material dimension inspection conveyor
fff) Electric two wheeler with rechargeable battery
ggg) Remote controlled paint spraying robot
hhh) Fuzzy logic based pc-pc communication through laser beam
iii) Remote controlled video analyzing robot
jjj) Automatic packing control machine for industrial application
kkk) Cell phone controlled solar vehicle
lll) Automatic water level sensing crane
mmm) Over speed indication and automatic accident avoiding system for four wheeler
nnn) Cell phone controlled pick and place robot
ooo) Sensor based automatic accident avoiding system for machine
ppp) Automatic dam shutter controlling system
qqq) Automatic sensor operated foot dust vacuum cleaning machine
rrr) Automatic vehicle over speed controlling system for school/college zone
sss) Pick and place robot with remote control
ttt) Sensor operated conveyor automation
uuu) Remote controlled double axis pick and place crane
vvv) Sensor operated automatic reverse braking system
www) Mini robot spray painting system
xxx) Automated guided vehicle (agv)
yyy) Automatic water tap controlling system
zzz) Electronic controller for three phase motor
aaaa) Traffic and street light controller
bbbb) Remote controlled antenna/dish tracking system
cccc) Rotating dish antenna (model)
dddd) Automatic sensor based car overtaking system
eeee) Horizontal turbine type domestic wind mill
ffff) Wind turbine power generation system
gggg) Intelligent starter for three-phase induction motor
hhhh) Railways accident avoiding system
iiii) Automatic industrial fire fighter
jjjj) Wireless speed control of d c motor
kkkk) Remote controlled car (model)
llll) Automatic room light controller
mmmm) Sensor based multi-channel fire alarm system
nnnn) Digital locking system for two wheeler
oooo) Automatic electro-plating coating system
pppp) Automatic temperature controller with cooling system
qqqq) Sensor based automated track guided vehicle (atgv)
rrrr) Wireless speed control of single phase a c motor
ssss) Ac motor speed controlling system using pwm techniques
tttt) Automatic home security system for apartment
uuuu) Power management system
vvvv) Sensor operated intelligent braking system for four wheeler
wwww) Automatic sensor operated foot dust cleaning machine
xxxx) Automatic rain operated wiper and head light dim / bright controller
yyyy) Pc based dc motor speed controller using pwm techniques
zzzz) Sensor operated accident avoiding system for machines
aaaaa) Automatic humidity controller for industrial application
bbbbb) Automatic solar traffic controlling system
ccccc) Remote operated furnace flame controller
ddddd) Car/two wheeler automatic head light dim / bright controller
eeeee) Automatic rain operated wiper
fffff) Automatic pressure controller cum valve open/close arrangement
ggggg) Automatic dam shutter controlling system
hhhhh) Mobile over speed sensing and controlling system
iiiii) Refrigeration temperature controller
jjjjj) Automatic motorized gate open / close system
kkkkk) Electric two wheeler
lllll) Numeric controlled door locking system
mmmmm) Dish antenna motorized tracking system
nnnnn) Clap-operated induction motor speed control system
ooooo) Remote controlled electronic code locking system
ppppp) Electrical machines power saving system
qqqqq) Home automation with security system
rrrrr) Bank token number display with speech facility
sssss) Automatic steering control system
ttttt) Remote controlled door open/close system
uuuuu) Automatic railway gate controller
vvvvv) Multi-device control through cell phone
wwwww) Tripping sequence recorder cum indicator
xxxxx) Pc-to-pc communication using infrared/laser beam
yyyyy) Battery charger with over charge and deep discharge protection
zzzzz) Accident avoiding system for punching machine
aaaaaa) A multilevel inverter topology for inductively coupled power transfer
bbbbbb) Natural balance of multicell converters: the two cell case Z-source inverter for residential photovoltaic systems Analysis and design of a low-stress buck-boost converter in universal-input pfc applications An h & control statigy for switching converter in sliding-mode current control ( e jan )

cccccc) Solar panel auto tracking system
dddddd) Automatic wheel chair
eeeeee) Fm based long range conversation system
ffffff) Accident avoiding system for cutting machine
gggggg) Cordless communication system for cars (car security system)
hhhhhh) A fixed frequency pulse width modulation based quasi sliding-mode controller for buck converter
iiiiii) Remote controlled gas stove on/off with adjustment system
jjjjjj) Electronic numeric keyboard cum motorized safety locking system
kkkkkk) Automatic room/toilet perfume spray machine
llllll) Car or bus reverse operation navigation system by using ir rays
mmmmmm) Vehicle speed measuring using ir rays (information reader)
nnnnnn) Automatic autotransformer on load tap changer
oooooo) Electronic ignition system for automobile
pppppp) Micro-controller based college timer
qqqqqq) Home appliances control through telephone remote control
rrrrrr) Automatic electronic filling machine
ssssss) Motorized wall painting crane
tttttt) Electronic voting machine
uuuuuu) Automatic temperature controlled fan
30-06-2010, 06:28 AM
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RE: power electronics projects
i want detail obout plc bassed automatic load sharing
30-11-2010, 09:32 AM
Post: #4
RE: power electronics projects
Good Morning i want simulation and ppts for a new simplified multilevel PWM inverter and data.... please send as soon as possible very urgency..

Thank you,
With regards,
30-11-2010, 10:06 AM
Post: #5
RE: power electronics projects
hi vijay.padamati[at],

please visit the foolowing thread for more details on 'simplified multilevel PWM inverter'

01-12-2010, 07:43 PM
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RE: power electronics projects
what are the IEEE standered power electronics projects? pleese send a email about this topic.
02-12-2010, 06:24 AM
Post: #7
RE: power electronics projects
there are some ieee projects titles. please visit:
21-01-2012, 09:56 AM
Post: #8
RE: power electronics projects
to get information about the topic powerelectronic full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow













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