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23-09-2008, 02:17 AM
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Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction describes how content an INDIVIDUAL is with their job. It is a relatively recent term since in previous centuries the jobs available to a particular person were often predetermined by their parent's occupation.

There are a variety of factors that can influence a person's level of job satisfaction; these factors include the level of pay and benefits, the perceived fairness of the promotion system within a COMPANY, the quality of the working conditions, leadership and social relationships and the job itself (the variety of tasks involved, the interest and challenge the job generates, and the clarity of the job description/requirements).

A company that does not have responsive leadership and proactive employee relation's policies will have dissatisfied employees with low morale.

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01-08-2012, 04:37 PM
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RE: Job Satisfaction
Job Satisfaction

.doc  1Job Satisfaction.doc (Size: 433.5 KB / Downloads: 40)

Job satisfaction, a worker's sense of achievement and success, is generally perceived to be directly linked to productivity as well as to personal wellbeing. Job satisfaction implies doing a job one enjoys, doing it well, and being suitably rewarded for one's efforts. Job satisfaction further implies enthusiasm and happiness with one's work. The Harvard Professional Group (1998) sees job satisfaction as the keying redient that leads to recognition, income, promotion, and the achievement of other goals that lead to a general feeling of fulfillment.

Importance to Worker and Organization

Frequently, work underlies self-esteem and identity while unemployment lowers self-worth and produces anxiety. At the same time, monotonous jobs can erode a worker's initiative and enthusiasm and can lead to absenteeism and unnecessary turnover. Job satisfaction and occupational success are major factors in personal satisfaction, self-respect, self-esteem, and self-development. To the worker, job satisfaction brings a pleasurable emotional state that often leads to a positive work attitude. A satisfied worker is more likely to be creative, flexible, innovative, and loyal.

Workers' Roles in Job Satisfaction

If job satisfaction is a worker benefit, surely the worker must be able to contribute to his or her own satisfaction and well-being on the job. The following suggestions can help a worker find personal job satisfaction:
• Seek opportunities to demonstrate skills and talents. This often leads to more challenging work and greater responsibilities, with attendant increases in pay and other recognition.
• Develop excellent communication skills. Employers value and reward excellent reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills.
• Know more. Acquire new job-related knowledge that helps you to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively. This will relieve boredom and often gets one noticed.
• Demonstrate creativity and initiative. Qualities like these are valued by most organizations and often result in recognition as well as in increased responsibilities and rewards.
• Develop teamwork and people skills. A large part of job success is the ability to work well with others to get the job done.
• Accept the diversity in people. Accept people with their differences and their imperfections and learn how to give and receive criticism constructively.
• See the value in your work. Appreciating the significance of what one does can lead to satisfaction with the work itself. This helps to give meaning to one's existence, thus playing a vital role in job satisfaction.
• Learn to de-stress. Plan to avoid burnout by developing healthy stress-management techniques.

Assuring Job Satisfaction

Assuring job satisfaction, over the longterm, requires careful planning and effort both by management and by workers. Managers are encouraged to consider such theories as Herzberg's(1957) and Maslow's (1943) Creating a good blend of factors that contribute to a stimulating, challenging, supportive, and rewarding work environment is vital. Because of the relative prominence of pay in the reward system, it is very important that salaries be tied to job responsibilities and that pay increases be tied to performance rather than seniority.
So, in essence, job satisfaction is a product of the events and conditions that people experience on their jobs. Brief (1998) wrote: "If a person's work is interesting, her pay is fair, her promotional opportunities are good, her supervisor is supportive, and her coworkers are friendly, then a situational approach leads one to predict she is satisfied with her job" (p. 91). Very simply put, if the pleasures associated with one's job outweigh the pains, there is some level of job satisfaction
25-09-2012, 01:23 PM
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RE: Job Satisfaction
Job satisfaction

.ppt  Job satisfaction [.ppt (Size: 407 KB / Downloads: 22)


Job satisfaction is based on attitudes, which in turn are shaped by values and ethics
Self-concept is one’s attitude about oneself
Values do tend to influence, not necessarily affect, behavior, including whether or not behavior is ethical

Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is a set of favorable or unfavorable feelings and motions with which employees view their work.
Job satisfaction is an affective attitude a feeling of relative like or dislike toward somethings.


Self-concept – your overall attitude about yourself
Also called:
Self-concept includes perceptions about several aspects of oneself
Having a positive self-concept is part of emotional intelligence

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Your expectations affect your performance
Self-fulfilling prophecy – occurs when your expectations affect your success or failure
If you think you will be successful, you will be
If you think you will fail, you will, because you will fulfill your expectations
Your self-efficacy becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy

Attribution Theory

Attribution – the perception of the cause of behavior as being internal or external
Internal behavior – is within the control of the person
External behavior – is out of the person’s control
We make judgments about why people do the things they do by using: distinctiveness, consistency, and consensus
Attribution theory is how we perceive the causes of behavior, which in turn affect our subsequent choices and behaviors.
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