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27-01-2010, 06:26 PM
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instrumentation seminar topics

a) Reference signal extraction from corruptd
b) ECG using wavelet decomposition forMRI
c) sequence triggering: application to
d) small animals
e) Nanorobot Hardware Architecture for
f) Medical Defense
g) Eddy Currents based flexible sensor for
h) Contactless measurement of breathing
i) An ultra-low-power image compressor for
j) capsule endoscope
k) Potential Brain Imaging using
l) Near Field Radiometry
m) Two-channel data logger for quantitative
n) EEG recording while driving
o) STARFAST: a Wireless Wearable EEG/
p) ECG Biometric System based on the
q) ENOBIO Sensor
r) Not Submitted
s) Seminar stands cancelled
t) The Heidelberg tactile vision
u) substitution system
v) Image-guided surgery and medical
w) robotics in the cranial area
aa) Self Healing Robots
bb) Smart Note Taker
cc) Aeronautical Communications
dd) Noninvasive Brain-Actuated Control of a
ee) Mobile Robot by Human EEG
ff) Perfusion functional MRI reveals cerebral
gg) blood flow pattern under psychological
hh) stress
ii) A Wireless-Implantable Microsystem for
jj) Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring
kk) Study of Interaction of Pacemaker
ll) Electrode with High Frequency RF Fields
mm) Near Infrared spectroscopy in food analysis
nn) VENTILATORS A bio medical instrument
oo) Carbon Dioxide Laser
pp) Ultraviolet Analyzer
qq) Blood Flow meter
rr) Smart Instruments
ss) Technology on the Roads
tt) Pulmonary Function tests
uu) Ultra Wide Band
ww) Expert System & Mobile Robotic system an application of AI
xx) Machine Vision System
yy) Electronic Nose
zz) Cryosurgery
aaa) Fiber Optics Pressure Sensor
bbb) Gas Chromatography
ccc) Optical Burst Switching
ddd) Cardic Defibrillator
eee) Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring Device
fff) Micro gyroscope
ggg) Electronic Ignition System
hhh) Image Processing & Applications
iii) Anemometer
jjj) Face Recognition
kkk) Magnetic Induction Tomography
lll) Diathermy & Instrumentation
mmm) Radar Tank Level Measurement
nnn) High Performance Liquid Chromatography
ooo) Smart Servo Ventilators
ppp) MODBUS Protocol
qqq) Non Geo Satellite Communication
rrr) Free Space Optics
sss) SONAR
ttt) BiCMOS Technology
uuu) Biomagnetism
vvv) Boiler Instrumentation and Controls
www) Cruise Control Devices
yyy) Crusoe processor
zzz) Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
aaaa) Wearable Bio-Sensors
bbbb) E-Intelligence
cccc) Grid Network
dddd) Electronic Nose
eeee) Face Recognition Technology
ffff) Free Space Optics
gggg) WiMAX
hhhh) CDMA Wireless Data Transmitter
iiii) Image Authentication Techniques
jjjj) Integrated Power Electronics Module
kkkk) Integration of IT in machine tools
llll) Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
mmmm) Interactive Voice Response System
nnnn) Landmine detection using impulse ground penetrating radar
oooo) Line Reflect Reflect Technique
pppp) Micromechanical System for System-on-Chip Connectivity
qqqq) MEMS Switches
rrrr) Brain Machine Interface
ssss) MOCT
tttt) Multisensor Fusion and Integration
uuuu) NavBelt and GuideCane
vvvv) Optical computing
wwww) Ovonic unified memory
xxxx) IPCT
yyyy) Z-Wave
zzzz) Genetic Programming
aaaaa) Mesotechnology
bbbbb) Free Space Optics
ccccc) Global System for Mobiles
ddddd) The Ultra Battery
eeeee) Direct to Home Television (DTH)
fffff) Tagged Command Queuing
ggggg) Satmode
hhhhh) Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
iiiii) Digital Micromirror Device
jjjjj) Graphics tablet
kkkkk) Continuous phase modulation
lllll) Sputtering
mmmmm) Gyrotrons
nnnnn) PH Control Technique using Fuzzy Logic
ooooo) Project Oxygen
ppppp) Proteomics
qqqqq) Radio Frequency Light Sources
sssss) Satellite Radio
ttttt) Fractal Robot
uuuuu) DNA Based Computing
vvvvv) Wearable Biosensors
wwwww) Sziklai pair (configuration of two bipolar transistors)
xxxxx) Telestrator
yyyyy) MiliPede Technology
zzzzz) G Wire less Systems
aaaaaa) FireWire
bbbbbb) Microvia Technology
cccccc) Tele Immersion
dddddd) Cellonics Technology
eeeeee) Gene Chips
ffffff) LCoS Display
gggggg) Hydrophones

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09-03-2010, 09:05 AM
Post: #2
RE: instrumentation seminar topics
can i get full report of SCADA
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