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26-11-2009, 07:40 PM
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1. Robust and Efficient Password-Authenticated Key Agreement using Smart Cards For Campus Management
2. Group Elevator Scheduling with Advance Information for Normal and Emergency modes in Building Management Systems
3. Implementation Of a CAN-Based Multi Controller Digital Driving System for a Vehicle
4. Patient Monitoring using GSM and ZIGBEE for Hospitals and Old age Homes
5. Performance of an Industrial Data Communication Protocol on Ethernet Network
6. Development of pedestrian-to-vehicle communication system prototype for pedestrian safety using both wide-area and direct communication
7. Automated Vehicles For Physically and Visually Challenged
8. A tactile System for Informing the Blind on Direction of a Walk
9. Efficient Cost-Based Tracking of Scheduled Vehicle Journeys
10. Low-Cost and High Sensitive Microcontroller Based Data Acquisition System for Renewable Energy Sources
11. Intelligent Residential Security Alarm and Remote Control System Based On Single Chip Computer
12. Scalable and Efficient Approach for Obtaining Measurements in CAN-Based Control Systems
13. Design and Implementation of Control Mechanism for Standby Power Reduction in Home Appliances.
14. Remote Sensing and Control of an Irrigation System using a Distributed Wireless Sensor Network
15. Study and Application of Integrated Monitoring System for Disaster and accident Prevention in Railway Passenger-Dedicated Lines
16. Distributed intelligent control of car lighting system with fault detection
17. An Expert Fuzzy Controller for Vehicle Lateral Control
18. Application of Sun Protection Factor and Ultra Violet in Alarming Hat
19. A Microcontroller Based on Multi Sensors Data Fusion and Artificial Intelligent Technique for Gas Identification
20. Experimental Analysis of a Time-Triggered Network Designed for Train Communications
21. Interactive User Interface for Visual Inspection System
22. Smart Pin - An Automated Multi-Function Liquid Dispensing System
23. Route Selection for Vehicle Navigation and Control
24. An Infant Monitoring System Using CO2 Sensors.
25. The Electronic Passport and Feature of Government “ Issued RF-ID Based Identification
26. Secure Biometric Recognition method in Home Network
27. Integrated Smart Car Navigation and Voice Control System Design
28. An Inertially Stabilized Vehicle Camera System - Hardware, Algorithms, Test Drives
29. Application of Sun Protection Factor and Ultra Violet in Alarming Hat
30. Industrial Communication Systems in Technology Control for Public Transport Vehicles
31. Distributed Bayesian Decision-Making for Urban Traffic Control
32. A Novel Time Independent Asynchronous Communication Protocol & Its application
33. A Distributed approach to the Remote Control and Programming Improvement
34. PH Neutralization through Internet
35. Smart Micro sensor with RF Transmitter for Intelligent Human sensing system
36. Signature system on SMART card with key generated by Fingerprint
37. Ant Colony Based Algorithm to Identify Alarm Patterns For Equipment Failures
38. Integrated Ultra-Wideband Transmitter and Receiver for Sensor, Positioning and Identification Network
39. Human Adaptive Assist Planning for Tele Operation
40. Remote Target Monitoring in Embedded Systems Lab Courses using Sensor Network
41. Real Time Driving-Aid System for Different Lighting Conditions, on Board a Road Vehicle
42. Wireless Vehicle Communication for Traffic Control in Urban Areas
43. Urban Traffic Incident Detection Based On Fuzzy Logic
44. Fingerprint Matching Based on Inter-minutiae Constraint Network
45. Observer-Based Drive-Control for Self-Balanced Vehicles
46. Attaining Operational Survivability in an Autonomous Unmanned Ground Surveillance Vehicle
47. Design and Development of New Controller Suitable to Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Propulsion Control
48. Development of a Yarn Evenness Measurement and Hairiness Analysis System
49. CAN Application Profile for Control Optimization in Networked Embedded system
50. Measurement Error Analysis of Autonomous Decentralized Load Tracking system
51. Proposal and Evaluation of Outdoor Localization based on IEEE 802.11


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31-01-2010, 09:22 PM
Post: #2
a) Patient Health monitoring and Information System
b) Automatic Air Breaker System
c) Blind Person Eye
d) Self-Powered Wireless Repeater
e) Cell phone SMS for World through Internet
f) Solar Electricity Generation
g) Biogas Hybrid Electricity Generation
h) Embedded Based Autonomous Robotic
i) Autonomous Electronic Robot
j) Automotive Injection Systems in ICU Patient
k) Intelligent Sensor Systems
l) Intelligent Multi-sensor System for Control of Boilers and Furnaces
m) Automated Highway System
n) Automated Driving on Highways
o) GPS-Based Vehicle Navigation Systems
p) Vehicles with Intelligent Systems for Transport Automation (VISTA)
q) Integrate a PLC with a motor control and a sensor network
r) Cane Object Detector (COD) (Blind Stick)
s) Automatic Gear controller
t) Real-time Collection of Biological Signals with Microcontroller
u) GPS Navigation System
v) Secure Army Data Collection System
w) Industrial Monitoring Robot
x) Satellite Survey Robot
y) Fault Prediction in Quasi-Steady System with SCADA
z) Intelligent House Security System
aa) Unmanned Military Surveillance robot
bb) Bluetooth Protocol Decoding
cc) Intelligent Robot Navigation in a Realistic Environment
dd) Intelligent Sensor Security Technology
ee) Smart Card Application in Co-Operate Sector
ff) Industrial damage Monitoring & Indication Using Advanced Sensor
gg) Power Distribution Management System using WAP
hh) PC Based Global Positioning System
ii) Embedded PIC Microcontroller based Controlling of devices thro Telephone Lines
jj) Wireless based Medicare system used in a hospital with WAP
kk) Wireless fire fighting Robot with Artificial Intelligence with Model and WAP.
ll) Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System with WAP
mm) Wireless Home Automation System Using Telephone Lines with WAP.
nn) Wireless Multi Axis Robotics with Model and WAP.
oo) Wireless Encryption and Decryption message transfer system for military applications.
pp) Mobile Wireless Sensor Network
qq) Automated Vehicle Control Developments in the PATH Program
rr) Vehicle Trajectory Generation for Optimal Driving Guidance
ss) Mobile Satellite Communications
tt) Electric wheel chair
uu) Mobile Jammer
vv) Remote data acquisition module
ww) Intelligent Control of Voltage and Power in Industrial
xx) Voltage Monitoring and Control in Electric Power Systems
yy) A Remotely Computer-Controlled Vehicle
zz) Intelligent Mobile Robot.
aaa) Unmanned Ground Vehicles
bbb) Mobile Autonomous Robot
ccc) Embedded System Based Highway Monitoring System and Control
ddd) Elements used in an Intensive Care Unit with Graph & WAP
eee) Embedded controller based level measurement and flow control
fff) Microcontroller based Conveyor system
ggg) Pc based electronic weighing scale with set point.
hhh) Encoding and decoding technique for secured data communication
iii) Pc based attendance cum visitor management system.
jjj) Multi-parameter measurement system with true graphs and SCADA
kkk) Multi-parameter measurement system with true graphs and SCADA using HITECH C.
lll) Artificial Intelligence placed in a fire fighting Robot with WAP
mmm) Protected data communication for military application
nnn) Pc based emergency ambulance caller.
ooo) Code Modulation With PC Interface
ppp) Pc based data scanner/ logger for 8 “ channel
qqq) Robot controlled using Cell Phone
rrr) Microcontroller based Surveillance Robot for a Military Application
sss) Multi-Parameter Measurement System and Control with Graphs with Voice Indication.
ttt) Two Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto-Isolation with Model.
uuu) Multi Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto-Isolation with Model
vvv) Two Axis Robotics with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Model
www) Three Axis Robotics With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Model
xxx) Microcontroller based Position Control for Stepper Motor.
yyy) SCADA for PLC
zzz) Industrial Safety Measures System with Sensors and Web Cam.
aaaa) Industrial Safety Measures System with Sensors.
bbbb) Industrial Safety Measures System with Sensors with Voice Indication.
cccc) Categorized Alarm Annunciator using Embedded System
dddd) Intelligent guided vehicle for collision prevention
eeee) Embedded controller for traffic controls with PC interface and WEB CAM
ffff) Microcontroller based Dedicated PID Controller for Temperature.
gggg) Hardware Design for Pick and Place Robot.
hhhh) Battery Voltage and Current Monitoring for 8 Batteries.
iiii) Medicare System for Hospitals.
jjjj) Prepaid Electricity Billing Automation.
kkkk) Fire Fighting Robotics With AI (Artificial Intelligence) with Model
llll) Master / Slave Control System for Process Industries.
mmmm) Attendance Marker System with IRC Reader
nnnn) Attendance Marker System with IRC Reader and Face indicator
oooo) Electrical Station Variables Reader/Controller with True Graph and SCADA
pppp) Electrical Station Variable Reader/Controller with True Graph.
qqqq) IR based human radiation detection online
rrrr) Pc based speed, light and level measurement system
ssss) Automated car parking system
tttt) Locker security system using PIC
uuuu) Multi-Parameter Measurement System and Control with Graphs.
vvvv) Power Factor Correction Using Multiple Capacitor Banks.
wwww) Electricity Billing Automation.
xxxx) Digital Counter using Proximity Sensor.
yyyy) Digital Energy meter using Embedded Controller
zzzz) Remote Digital RPM Indicator using Proximity or Magnetic Pick up with SCADA
aaaaa) Electronic Voting System
bbbbb) Power Transmission through RS232.
ccccc) Length counter using embedded system.
ddddd) SCADA For PowerStation with Seven Segment Display
eeeee) SCADA For PowerStation through Rs232
fffff) Multi Channel Voltage Scanner with SCADA.
ggggg) Categorized Alarm Annunciator using Embedded System with controls.
hhhhh) Categorized Alarm Annunciator with Voice using Embedded System with controls.
iiiii) PC Based Medicare system used in a hospital with WAP
jjjjj) PC Based Programmable Temperature Controller for Furnaces
kkkkk) PC Based Programmable Temperature Controller for Cement Plant.
lllll) Motor speed control using PC for mines application
mmmmm) Temperature based AC machine using Thermocouple
nnnnn) PH measurement and control
ooooo) SCADA for Instrumentation
ppppp) Battery Voltage and Current Monitoring for 8 Batteries.
qqqqq) Wireless based Remote Monitoring of Electrical parameters
rrrrr) Thermal overload protection for transformer
sssss) Temperature adaptation for railway coaches
ttttt) Microcontroller based Medicare for hospital system
uuuuu) Microcontroller based Medicare for hospital system with WAP
vvvvv) Microcontroller based Sun tracking solar cell
wwwww) Microcontroller based Boiler Management System
xxxxx) Power Sharing of Transformers.
yyyyy) Energy Saver for Auditoriums
zzzzz) Protected Data communication for military application
aaaaaa) Microcontroller based Home Automation with PC Interface
bbbbbb) Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System
cccccc) Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System
dddddd) Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System With WAP
eeeeee) Energy Saving System Using PC
ffffff) ECG Analysis
gggggg) Boiler Management System
hhhhhh) Microcontroller based Signal Jammer
iiiiii) Microcontroller based Multiple starter with overload potation
jjjjjj) Microcontroller based Monitoring Instrumentation parameter
kkkkkk) Mobile Traffic Information System
llllll) Image Transmission from PC“to“PC through RF Wireless Using Microcontroller
mmmmmm) LPS (local positioning system) Embedded Security System.
nnnnnn) Network Surveillance System Using CAM and Sensor.
oooooo) Microcontroller based Annunciator system
pppppp) Microcontroller based Load cell digital weighting machine
qqqqqq) Microcontroller based Life cycle testing
rrrrrr) Computer Keyboard dual controller for switching electrical devices
ssssss) Microcontroller based Anaesthesia control with saline
tttttt) PC based Maximum demand indicating controller
uuuuuu) Microcontroller based Power transmission through RS232
vvvvvv) Master / Slave Control System for Process Industries.
wwwwww) Pc based speed, light and level measurement system
xxxxxx) Traffic Conditioning System Using Microcontroller
yyyyyy) A Radio Frequency (RFID) Tag Application for Asset and people Tracking.
zzzzzz) Automation of Electrical Devices Using PC“to“PC Wireless communication.

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10-02-2010, 09:53 PM
Post: #3
a) Microcontroller Based Automatic Ticket Dispensing Machine
b) Microcontroller based voice recorder and play back system
c) SMS based D.C motor speed controlling system
d) Speed drive for single phase induction motor 4)
e) Microcontroller based ball printing robot
f) SMS based automatic weather report information system
g) Microcontroller Based Voltage and Current monitoring and control system
h) Microcontroller based wireless Electric bill reading system
i) SMS based home appliances controlling system
j) RFID based production security system
k) Micro controller Based smart card reader and writer
l) Industrial furnace monitoring system through mobile phone
m) Speed control of PMDC motor by using fuzzy logic
n) Microcontroller based automatic Power theft identifier
o) Microcontroller Based Voltage and Current monitoring system
p) SMS Based DC Motor Speed Controller
q) RFID based banking system
r) Microcontroller Based Closed Loop Pressure Control System
s) Microcontroller Based Automatic Packing control Machine
t) Microcontroller based automatic visitor guided vehicle
u) Finger print based banking system
v) Microcontroller Based SMS controlled moving robot
w) Microcontroller based digital gear level indicator
x) SMS based banking security system
y) PC based wireless stepper motor speed controlling system
z) Security breach information for unauthorized entry based on mobile technique
aa) Microcontroller Based cash register
bb) SMS based industrial disaster system
cc) Microcontroller based transformer monitoring and production system
dd) Intelligent fire monitoring using blue tooth technology
ee) RFID R/W based prepaid energy meter
ff) Remote control of industrial machines based on GSM technology
gg) Microcontroller based PC to PC wireless data transfer system
hh) Microcontroller Based Power Management System
ii) Microcontroller Based Railway track crack Detecting Vehicle
jj) Artificial Intelligent Based Automatic Path finding Cum Video Analyzing Robot
kk) Microcontroller Based Voice Controlled Robot
ll) Microcontroller Based Stepper Motor Speed Controlling System Using Cell Phone
mm) Microcontroller Based Multi-Channel acquisition and control
nn) Microcontroller based automatic vehicle speed measuring system using IR Rays
oo) Microcontroller Based automatic industrial time management system with display
pp) SMS Based Banking Security System
qq) Microcontroller Based motor speed and frequency monitoring system
rr) Microcontroller based digital advertisement display using LED
ss) Microcontroller based maximum demand controller for industry
tt) Microcontroller Based Incubator
uu) Microcontroller Based digital temperature measurement system
vv) AC Motor Speed Controlling System Using PWM Techniques
ww) Microcontroller Based Unaided Guided Vehicle (UGV)
xx) Digital energy with volt, current & power factor monitor
yy) Microcontroller based automatic paint marking machine
zz) Microcontroller Based Double Axis crane
aaa) Microcontroller Based mono rail system
bbb) Microcontroller Based Solar Powered Automated Guided vehicle (Solar AGV)
ccc) Gas leakage detector & auto dialing controller system
ddd) Microcontroller Based Railways Accident Avoiding System
eee) Microcontroller Based Sensor operated Automatic Track Guided vehicle (ATGV)
fff) Microcontroller Based Automatic Vehicle Accident information system
ggg) Microcontroller Based Digital locking system (Password) for Two wheeler
hhh) Microcontroller based digital energy meter
iii) Microcontroller Based speed and frequency monitoring and controlling system
jjj) Micro controller Based 104 keyboard interface (PS/2)
kkk) Microcontroller Based Intelligent Braking System
lll) High Way High Speed Sensing and Automatic Speed Controlling System
mmm) Microcontroller Based Automatic temperature controller with cooling system
nnn) Computerized Pick and place sequence operated Robot
ooo) Sensor Operated Paper Counting Machine
ppp) Microcontroller Based Conveyor Automation
qqq) Material Dimensions Analysing Robot
rrr) Sensor Based Automatic steering control system for Automobile
sss) Microcontroller Based Automatic Electro-Plating Coating System
ttt) Microcontroller Based Automatic Water Level Indicator and Controlling System
uuu) Microcontroller Based Automatic Traffic and Street Light Controlling System
vvv) Microcontroller Based Multi-Channel Fire Alarm System
www) Microcontroller Based motor speed monitoring and controlling system
xxx) Microcontroller Based Remote Motor Speed Controlling System
yyy) Microcontroller Based automatic glucose flow rate controller
zzz) Microcontroller Based telephone Answering And Recording Machine
aaaa) Microcontroller Based Sensor Operated Path Finder Vehicle
bbbb) Microcontroller Based Automatic Moisture and Light control System for Garden
cccc) Automatic Vehicle Over Speed Indication and Controlling System
dddd) Microcontroller Based Railways Accident Avoiding System
eeee) Microcontroller based pick and place spray painting sequence robot
ffff) Microcontroller Based Industry Safety Control System
gggg) Microcontroller Based Automatic college bell with announcement System
hhhh) Microcontroller Based Ball Printing Robot
iiii) Microcontroller based automatic dam shutter open/close system
jjjj) Microcontroller Based Automatic car Over taking System
kkkk) Microcontroller Based Phase sequence indicator and controlling System
llll) Microcontroller Based Multi-channel temperature monitor for surgery
mmmm) Microcontroller Based Multi-Device Digital Code Locking System
nnnn) Advertising Display using LED & LCD
oooo) DSP based signal analyzer
pppp) PC based wireless pick and place crane
qqqq) PID controller for D.C motor
rrrr) Microcontroller Based Automatic Railways Signaling System
ssss) Microcontroller Based Automatic Humidification system
tttt) Microcontroller Based Self centering Four-jaw Chuck
uuuu) Microcontroller Based Simple indexing by stepper motor in Shaping Machine
vvvv) Microcontroller Based Fire Fighting AGV
wwww) Microcontroller Based Mini Robot car
xxxx) Microcontroller Based Industrial temperature Analyzing Robot
yyyy) Microprocessor Controlled Thermometer
zzzz) Microcontroller Based Automatic medicine announcement system
aaaaa) Microcontroller Based velocity and pressure monitoring and controlling system
bbbbb) Microcontroller Based Digital password car parking system for apartment
ccccc) Automatic attendance monitoring and Light ON/OFF system
ddddd) Phase failure manager (or) Identifier
eeeee) Automatic Accident avoiding system in Machine
fffff) Telephone Answering and Home appliances Control system through Cell Phone
ggggg) Telephone line based Audio Muting and Light ON/OFF Control System
hhhhh) Microcontroller Based Automatic Railway Gate Controller
iiiii) Microcontroller Based Mini Robo Car
jjjjj) Microcontroller based automatic power factor controlling system
kkkkk) Microcontroller Based Moving Message Display
lllll) Micro controller Based humidity controller
mmmmm) Microcontroller Based Electrical Appliances Controlling System Using Cell Phone
nnnnn) Microcontroller based temperature analyzing system for industrial control
ooooo) Microcontroller Based Temperature and Respiration Monitoring System
ppppp) Microcontroller Based Digital Fuel Level Indicator
qqqqq) Microcontroller based intelligent bank security system
rrrrr) Dish Antenna Rotating System
sssss) Microcontroller Based Multi-channel Fire (or) Smoke Detector
ttttt) Microcontroller Based Humidity Controller
uuuuu) Microcontroller Based Blood/Glucose flow rate controller
vvvvv) Microcontroller Based Automatic Packing Machine by using sensors
wwwww) Microcontroller Based Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
xxxxx) Microcontroller Based Capacitance and Resistance Measurement Meter
yyyyy) Microcontroller Based Automatic Power factor Controller
zzzzz) Microcontroller Based Path Sensing(Finding) Robot
aaaaaa) Microcontroller Based Water Level Indicator
bbbbbb) Microcontroller Based voice controlled Machines
cccccc) Microprocessor Based Token Number display for Bank with Speech Facility
dddddd) Telephone Line Based Generic Switching System by using Microcontroller
eeeeee) Microcontroller Based personal remainder system
ffffff) Microcontroller Based battery level monitoring system
gggggg) Microcontroller Based Motor Speed Monitoring System
hhhhhh) Microcontroller Based Industrial Power Saving and Automatic Attendance System
iiiiii) Microcontroller Based Dam water level Indicator and Controlling System
jjjjjj) Microcontroller Based Fire Fighting Robot
kkkkkk) Microcontroller based automatic car parking system
llllll) Microcontroller Based velocity and pressure monitoring system
mmmmmm) Microcontroller Based Two Wheeler Automation with Security System
nnnnnn) Microcontroller Based Home Automation with Security System
oooooo) Micro controller Based dish antenna tracking system
24-04-2010, 08:33 PM
Post: #4
Fingerprint Based Electronic Voting Machine
FingerPrint Based Security System
Fire Fighting Robot (AT89S52)
Gates Emulator (AT89C2051)
Home Security System(AT89S52)
Infrared Interruption counter (AT89C2051)
InfraRed Remote Switch (6 devices + 1 fan) -AT89S52
InfraRed Remote Switch (AT89C2051)
Auto Control of three phase Induction motor (AT89S52)
Automatic College Bell (AT89S8252 & DS1307)
Automatic plant Irrigation (AT89C2051)
Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter (AT89S52)
Device control through Bluetooth from Symbian OS Mobiles
Device Controlling through PC (Visual Basic)
Digital Calendar (AT89C2051)
Digital Countdown Timer (AT89C2051)

Digital IC Tester for 74 series
Digital Visitor Counter (AT89C2051)
DS1620 Based Temperature Controller (AT89S52)
DS1820 Based High Precision Temperature Indicator
Electronic Cash Register (ECR)
Electronic Voting Machine (AT89S8252)
Electronics Components Tester (AT89C52)
Interactive Voice Response System For College Automation (IVRS)
Line Following Robot (AT89C2051)
Microcontroller Based Caller ID (AT89C2051)
Microcontroller Based Digital Clock with Alarm
Microcontroller Based Digital code Lock (AT89C2051)
Multipattern Running Lights (AT89C2051)
Parallel Telephone with auto secrecy (AT89C2051)
Password Based Door Locking (AT89C2051)
PC -MC communication (AT89C2051 + Tx/Rx)
PC Based Digital IC Tester
PC Based GPS
PC Based Robot (AT89C2051)
PC Remote Control
Prepaid Energy Meter (AT89S52)
Remote Controlled Digital Clock with DS1307 & AT89C2051
RF based Automatic meter reading
RF Based Remote control (AT89C2051)
RFID Based Attendance System (AT89S52 + RFID)
RFID Based Security System (AT89S52 + RFID)
SMS through Telephone (AT89S8252)
Solar tracking System (AT89C2051)
Telephone Controlled Motor
Telephone controlled Remote switch (AT89S52)
Temperature controlled Fan (AT89S52)
Traffic Light Controller (AT89C2051)
Two Line Intercom (AT89C2051)

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14-05-2010, 05:50 PM
Post: #5
plese send the abstracts on
1. micro controller based sensor operated automatic track guided vehicle.
2. micro controller based automatic vehicle accident information system.
3. micro controller based digital locking system for two wheelers
17-05-2010, 08:09 AM
Post: #6
visit this thread for report on microcontroller based digital code lock :

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17-05-2010, 08:30 AM
Post: #7
1. Artificial intelligent solar power generation
2. A testing method for PIR detectors system
3. A mobile - agent based distributed intelligent control system architecture for home automation
4. A multi agent multi sensor based security system for intelligent building
5. Industrial energy saver
6. A novel optimum point tracker of the solar cell power supply system
7. Train collision detection
8. Humidity monitoring and pumping system
9. Alcohol detection with vehicle controlling
10. Automated restaurant for efficient maintenance
11. RF based human movement monitoring
12. Smoke alert system for industries
13. Intelligent guard alert system
14. Auto-image monitoring using CCTV camera
15. Path planning system for blind
16. Digital energy meter with auto limiting of load
17. Intelligent fire detection and fighting robot
18. Temperature level monitoring and automatic control in boiler
19. Self guided vehicle
20. Automated conveyor system
21. Modern car parking system
22. Ozone gas generator for water purifier
23. Aeronautical collision prevention system
24. Automated bus-stop alert for passengers
25. Bus identification system for blind
26. Eye blink with more explanation
27. Wireless motor control system
28. Chopper based dc motor controller
29. PWM based solar tracking system with sine wave inverter
30. PWM based single phase ac induction motor with close loop controller
31. PWM based three phase ac induction motor with close loop controller
32. Single axis solar panel tracking system
33. Double axis solar panel tracking system
34. Solar based lighting system
35. Solar agro sprayer
36. Coil winding machine

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12-07-2010, 12:33 PM
Post: #8
sir i need project report on ic tester with microcontrooler 89s52.
please help me. it is urgent.
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