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03-02-2010, 11:03 PM
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RE: Electronics & Communication Seminar Topic List
I need a report of psycho physiological credibility assement..plz get me na..
04-02-2010, 12:21 PM
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RE: Electronics & Communication Seminar Topic List
Psychophysiological Credibility Assessment (PCA), commonly known as polygraph testing, is one of the most misunderstood, misrepresented and much controversial applications of psychology. The two main approaches to PCA are knowledge-based tests and deception-based tests. the techniques, scientific support and criticisms associated with each are discussed. most psychologists appear to be poorly informed about the controversy. Studies show that most commonly used polygraph techniques are highly valid discriminators of deceivers and truth tellers. But many of them criticise it.

Lie detector or
polygraph as it is technically called is an instrument that monitors the physiological
reaction.It can detect only deceptive behavior of human mapped to lies.

Here the monitoring of the physiological reactions is done. the involuntary change
that occurs in the body when the person is under stress is noted through the instruments.
are all noted. A polygraph exam has three steps:
This consists of an interview between the examiner and the examinee, where the two individuals get to learn about each other.The examiner sees how the subject responds to questions and
processes information. The examiner designs questions that are specific to the issue
under investigation.


while decieving,
the subject is under stress, and the rate of heart beat increases from the normal value of 72 beats per min.The Bioelectric signals produced by heart muscle cells. and the Sound produced by the heart. are monitored to detect this change.

Studies conducted show that polygraph is 90% to
98% truthful.the examiners have to to line up the questions and interpret the results properly.

Full report:

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04-02-2010, 05:13 PM
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RE: Electronics & Communication Seminar Topic List
FPGA Devlopement And Challenges
06-02-2010, 02:43 PM
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RE: Electronics & Communication Seminar Topic List
07-02-2010, 01:29 PM
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RE: Electronics & Communication Seminar Topic List
i need latest seminar topics related t telecommunication
13-02-2010, 07:20 PM
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Question RE: Electronics & Communication Seminar Topic List
will u send the pages about wireless usb
15-02-2010, 03:59 PM
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RE: Electronics & Communication Seminar Topic List
Thanks a lot
15-02-2010, 06:07 PM
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RE: Electronics & Communication Seminar Topic List
visit this thread for details on wireless USB:

165. Augmented Reality 3-D system
166. Network Security

167. Quantum Computing
168. MMS
169. OLED Displays
170. MPEG “ 7
171. Internet - Core Network Beyond Third Generation
172. Electronic Management System in Automobile Engines
173. Fire Wire
174. Bio Medical Imaging
175. Laparoscope
176. Heat Sink
177. Plasma Physics

179. Efficient Data Storage Techniques
180. Access Gateways
181. Local Multipoint Distribution System
182. Layer 3 Switches
183. Raman amplification design in WDM system
184. Smart Dust
185. Tele Surgery
186. Personal Communication Service
187. WCDMA
188. Echo Cancellation
189. MRI (Megnetic Resonance Imaging)
190. Digital Light Processing
191. EDGE,UMTS and Intro. To 4G.
192. Stream Control Transmission Protocol
193. Virtual LAN
194. Wireless power transmission
195. Molecular Computing
196. Java TV
197. ** Single Electron Devices
198. Storage Area Network (SAN)
199. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
200. **DNA Computing
201. Flash Memory
202. **VSAT
203. **Interactive Distance learning System
204. "Smart Antenna Systems"
205. WAP & its application in Wireless Telephony
206. LASER - Vision of Technology in Medical.
207. Infiniband Architecture
208. Data Bouy
209. **Gas Turbine Control System
210. Ethernet Passive Optical Networks
211. Optical Networking
212. Full Service Network
213. DTM ( Dynamic Synchronous Transfer mode)
214. LEAP Leightweight & efficient Application Protocol

215. Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)
216. SETI (Search for extraterrestrial Intelligence
217. Ventilaors A Biomedical Instrument
218. "Wireless Short Message Service"(SMS)
219. Blue Eyes Technology
220. **Bio Informatics
221. Embedded Systems
222. 64-Bit Processors
223. Protein Memory
224. Multimodel Biometric Identification
225. **RIS identification Technology
226. Paired Carrier Multiple Access (PCMA)
227. **Optical Switches
228. ˜™MSS (Mobile Satellite Services) Type -c Reporting Terminal
229. Digital TV
230. Multi Protocol Labeled Switching
231. Broadband Wireless Network
232. Adaptive Multi Rate Vocoding
233. Spintronics
234. **Internet Relay Chat
235. Remote Authentication dial-in User Service (radius) Protocol.
236. OFDM for Mobile Data Communication
237. Sun Cluster 3
238. Video Cellphone
239. NAS (Network Attached Storage)
240. **Intelligent Storage Hub
241. ** Speech Synthesys for Telecommunication
242. ** Light weight Directory access Protocol
243. Raid ( Redundant Array of Inexpensive Diska)
244. Optical Processor
245. Digital Cellular Communication
246. Braodband Communication for Internet and Intranet
247. Firewalls and Internet Security
248. Dense wavelength Division Multiplexing
249. seattle wire less network
250. Digital Loop Carrier
251. Biomedical Instrumentation & it's appli.
252. Instrumentation for Cardiovascular System
253. Optical Amplifiers and its Future Application
254. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
255. **Implementation of Wireless Technology in Mobile communication
256. Nanotechnology.
257. Ultrasonic wave generation & Application
258. Seismograph
259. Routers
260. Silicon Solar Cell Technology
261. -
262. Wireless Lan
263. Secure Socket Layer
264. Enterprise Management
265. Parallel Computing
266. ASIC
267. Virtual Private Network
268. Optical Character Recognition
269. Internet Video Conference
270. Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition
271. Electronic Landing System
272. Direct Digital Synthesis
273. SyncML
274. DEC Net
275. Wireless Local Loop
276. Controller Area Network (CAN)
277. Cable Modems
278. Global Positioning System
279. Blue tooth technology
280. Molecular Electronics
281. VHDL
282. Genetic Algorithm
283. Active Noise Control System
284. Light Sources for Fiber Optics(LEDâ„¢s & LASER Diodeâ„¢s)
285. Pretty Good Privacy
286. Real Time Video on the Internet
287. -
288. 3G System & Mobile Communicating
289. PALM
290. Plasma TV
291. Cellular Digital Package Data
293. -
294. JINI & JIRO
295. Distributed Control System
296. Automation in industries
297. ËœData ware houseâ„¢ Enabling B2B on Internet
298. Surface Mount Devices
299. Heart lung Machine
300. Digital Motor Control
301. Programmable Logic Controller
302. Apple Talk
303. Advance Technology in Medicine
304. Mobile Robot Sonar target location & classification
305. Biometric Security
306. Digital Video Broadcasting
307. RAM
308. IP Service - Intelligent at the Network Edge
309. Cardiac Pace marker
310. Vibration Measurement and Monitoring System
311. Smart Cards using Internet Technology
312. LEO (Low Earth Orbital) Satellite Communication
313. ATMâ„¢s Application

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