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31-03-2010, 01:40 PM
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computer networking full report

Assignment Categories

Assignment : 2.
LanExplorer & ETHEREAL software.
Problem Statement :
Study any protocol analyzer software (eg. LAN Explorer) to learn and use its important features, Study of network monitoring software like ETHREAL software. Assignment to examine TCP/IP and non-TCP/IP protocols (IPX/SPX) and capture them using protocol analyzer Software.
LANExplorer Study
What is LANExplorer
Where to get LANExplorer
Requirement (e.g.OS,LAN,etc.).
Key Features.
Network Analysis(Packet Capture,Protocol Decode,Capture Triggers.).
Network Monitoring.
Traffic Matrix.
Additional Features.(e.g. Send packet,Display filter.).

Where to get
Web Sites :
1. http://www.sunrisetelecomlansoftware/lanexplorer.shtml
2. http://www.sunrisetelecomlansoftware/LanExplorer.pdf
3. http://www.freedownloadscenterBest/lanexplorer-3_5.html
4. http://www.networkworlddetails/41.html
5. http://www.softlookupdisplay.asp

Traffic Monitoring

Launching Traffic Matrix Table

Launching Graphical Trace Route

Launching Traffic Matrix Chart

Launching Host Table

Launching Host Chart

Starting and Stopping Packet Capture

Packet Capture window
What is Ethereal
Intended purposes.
Platforms Ethereal runs on.
Where to get Ethereal
A brief history of Ethereal.
User Interface.
How to start Ethereal with command line parameters
How to colorize the packet list
How to control protocol dissection
How to use the various preference settings

Building and Installing Ethereal
Obtain a binary package for your operating system, or
Obtain the source and build Ethereal for your operating system.
The following are the general steps you would use:
1. Download the relevant package for your needs, e.g. source or binary distribution.
2. Build the source into a binary, if you have downloaded the source.This may involve building and/or installing other necessary packages.
3. Install the binaries into their final destinations.

Installing Ethereal under Windows
Download the Ethereal installer from:
and execute it.
Components :
Install the necessary components for ethereal.

ETHEREAL User Interface
How the Ethereal user interface works
How to capture packets in Ethereal
How to view packets in Ethereal
How to filter packets in Ethereal

The Main window

The "File" menu

The "Edit" menu

The "View" menu

The "Go" menu

The "Capture" menu

The "Analyze" menu

The "Statistics" menu

The "Packet List" pane

The "Capture Options" dialog box

While a Capture is running ...

Ethereal with a TCP packet selected for viewing

Assignment : 3.
Windows 2003 server.

Problem Statement :
Assignment to learn and understand Windows 2003 server and its associated domain operations, to configure RAS and DHCP, to add users and computers to a domain

Windows 2003 Server
Windows 2003 Basics.
Active Directory.
Domain Controller.
Associated Domain Operations.
What is RAS and DHCP
Configuring RAS and DHCP.
Adding users to a domain.
Adding computers to a domain.

Configuring DHCP :

Configuring DHCP :

Adding users to Active Directory

Adding users to Active Directory

Adding a computer to Active Directory
Assignment : 4
Linux/Novel Netware configurations and commands.

Problem Statement:
Assignment to learn and understand Linux and/or Novel Netware Network configurations and commands

Linux configurations and commands.
Introduction to Linux .
Features of Linux.
Various types of Linux Commands.
Vi Editor.
Account Creation, Modification & Deletion.
Telnet Service.
Modes of Server ,Services.
NIC Configuration.
Mail Agents.
Web Server Configuration.
FTP Service.
Proxy Server Configuration.
Network File Sharing.

Assignment : 5
Installation of IIS/PWS/Apache server

Problem Statement :

Installation and configuration of IIS/PWS/Apache server. Study and use various facilities/commands and features.
Prerequsites for implementation
Live Demonstration of installation.
Requirement for installing the servers.
Creating Virtual directories using PWS,IIS,Apache.
Assignment : 6
Echo Server

Problem Statement :
Write a program in C/C++ to implement an ECHO server, using Socket programming with both TCP and UDP protocols.
Prerequisites for implementation
Echo Server.
TCP Basics.
UDP Basics.
Various functions available in C/C++ for Socket programming

Assignment : 7.
Quote of the Day Server using VB Winsock Control .
Problem Statement :
Implement a Quote of the Day Server using VB and WinSock Control. Also develop a client application where the user will select TCP or UDP Option, Provide the name of the Server and the Port Number. When the user clicks a button Get the Quote, the client will receive the quote from the server.
Prerequisites for implementation :
Client Server Model.
Winsock Control in VB(i.e. properties, methods & events.)
Possible Uses.
Selecting the protocol.
Setting the Protocol.
TCP Connection Basics.
UDP Basics.
Logic to develop the given application.
Expected Output

Assignment : 8
Internet Update program using Internet Transfer Control.

Problem Statement :
Write an Internet Update program using Internet Transfer Control provided in Visual Basic that will update the files on a local machine for which newer versions of these files are available on the server. Provide facility for the user to determine which files to be updated and which are not.
Prerequisites for implementation :
Internet Transfer Control in VB.
Possible Uses.
Basic Operation.
Setting Different properties of the control (Using Proxy Server,etc.)
Setting FTP Server.
Synchronous and asynchronous transmission.
Diff. Between OpenURL & Execute Methods.
Expected Output

Assignment :9
Email Application.

Problem Statement :

Develop a simple application using MAPI and TAPI.
Prerequisites for implementation :
MAPI Control in VB.
Possible Uses.
MAPI- complient email System (e.g. Microsoft Exchange , Outlook Express).
MAPISession control.
Setting different properties of MAPISession Control.
The MAPIMessages control.
Using various properties & methods to manage messages.
Prerequisites for implementation :
HTML Basics.
Writing HTML Document( format ).
Basics Tags & their syntax.
Examples using various tags.
Stress on the tags essential for developing given application.
Browser Support.
Displaying HTML Pages in the Browser
e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator,etc.

Assignment :11
PHP Script.
Problem Statement :
Write a PHP Script that computes total cost of the ordered items from assignment 4, after adding sales tax. The script will show exactly what items have been ordered.
Prerequisites for implementation :
PHP Basics.
PHP installation/ compatibility.
A PHP File.
PHP Syntax.
PHP browser support.
Using different servers to run PHP.
Displaying PHP in browser.

Assignment : 12
XML DTD & XML Schema.
Problem Statement :
Create a DTD for a catalog of cars, where each car has the child elements and two or three child elements have their own child elements, each of these elements are required and has the possible values Yes or No. Create an XML document with instances of the car elements defined in the DTD and process this document using the DTD and produce a display of raw XML document. Create an XML schema and CSS style sheet for the above-mentioned XML document. Create an XSLT style sheet for one car element of the XML document and use it to create a display of that element.
Prerequisites for implementation :
XML Basics.
XML Syntax.
How XML Works.
XML Elements.
XML Attributes.
XML Validation.
Editors for XML(e.g. Stylus Studio).
XML Browser Support.
Viewing XML Files.
XML Schema.
Displaying XML with CSS.
Displaying XML with XSLT.
XML Parser.

Assignment : 8.
Client side Scripting.
Problem Statement:
Develop a simple Web based application. Use client-side and server-side scripting.

Prerequisites for implementation :
VBScript & JavaScript Basics.
Possible Uses.
Using these scripts in various web applications.

Assignment : 13
Problem Statement :

Write an application that should read a SQL query from the user based on some database in say MySQL, call a PHP script to process the query and display the results.
Prerequisites for implementation :
MySQL Syntax.
Running MySQL.
Commands for creating,modifying, deleting Databases, tables, records, etc.
Database Connectivity using PHP.
Mini Project
Students should work in a group to develop an Interactive Database-driven Web based application using ASP, VB and Backend Database and use Software Engineering Principals to develop the project and should deliver necessary documents such as SRS, Design details, User Interface, neatly documented code etc.

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.ppt  Computer Network .ppt (Size: 3.99 MB / Downloads: 378)

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13-10-2010, 12:20 PM
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RE: computer networking full report

.ppt  Basics_Of_Networking_and_routing.ppt (Size: 2.04 MB / Downloads: 254)
Basics Of Networking

Created by waheed

What is a Computer Network?
A network is a collection of computers, printers, routers, switches, and other devices that are able to communicate with each other over some transmission media.

Types of Networks

There are two basic types of networks currently in existence:
A Local Area Network (LAN)
A Wide Area Network (WAN)
13-10-2010, 12:52 PM
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RE: computer networking full report

Basics of Networking

Networking began its infancy in the mid -1960’s.
by the US Department of Defence (DoD).
The original intention of networking was being
developed to withstand a nuclear war.
Telephone networks were to vulnerable and would
terminate all conversations should a nuclear war

You wake up at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom and
stop and check your e-mail on the way back to bed.


ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency)
was created in response with the launching of the Sputnik in 1957.
ARPA decided that a DoD network should be packet-
switched networked consisting of a subnet and
host computers.
Experimental network research was awarded to
UCLA, UCSB, SRI and Univ. of Utha in 1969. These
areas were because they all had a large number
of ARPA contracts.

For more information about this article,please follow the link:
22-10-2010, 10:59 AM
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RE: computer networking full report

.ppt  Lecture 01.ppt (Size: 266 KB / Downloads: 304)
computer networking full report


Understand the state-of-the-art in network protocols, architectures and applications
Understand how networking research is done
Teach the typical constraints and thought process for networked systems
How is class different from undergraduate networking (15-441)
Training network programmers vs. training network researchers
22-12-2010, 08:16 AM
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RE: computer networking full report
Thanks a lot guys for these ppts. Smile
25-03-2011, 12:51 PM
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RE: computer networking full report
please send me seminar report of network analyzer ethereal
25-04-2011, 11:37 AM
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RE: computer networking full report

.docx  project report final.docx (Size: 2.01 MB / Downloads: 154)
This assignment has been done with the help of network simulator 2. Using this simulator, we have analyzed in detail TCP and UDP flows.
NS2 was installed using the ubuntu software.
Using this software, we made both the trace files and the NAM file for the different specifications of transport layer protocols i.e. TCP and UDP and corresponding application layer protocols given for them.
When the simulation is run, the trace file gives a lot of information about the simulation results i.e., using it; we can plot the graph which gives the relationship between different parameters.
With the help of NAM file, we can practically see the flow of packets between different nodes. Along with it, we can also see the packet loss.
Using this simulator, we tried to make different protocols and analyzed the changes occurring in them by changing the transport layer protocol and the application layer protocol.
 NS (network simulator) is basically used to design network protocols which may be wired and wireless.
 NS provides substantial support for simulation of TCP, routing and multicast protocols.
 Different network protocols can be compared with one another.
 Nam can be used to see the packet movement, queue build-up and packet loss directly. It is used to visualize the animation of the flow.
 It has two type of files:
• NAM file:
We can see animations of the network protocol designed using this NAM file.
A snapshot of a NAM file is as under:
NAM interface
Node manipulation
Link manipulation
Topology layout
Protocol state
This file contains the code established for the network protocol. With the help of this file, we can get all the information about the specifications of network which may include
 Nodes involved( sources and destinations)
 Position of several nodes
 Bandwidths
 No of bytes during flow
 Window size
 Time for flow
 Throughput
 Type of transport and application layer protocol
Basically, with the trace file, we can come to know all what is happening in our network protocol.
With the help of this trace file, we can plot a graph which can be used to see the relationship between different parameters like the type of transport protocol e.t.c.
Some of the steps which can be used while designing the protocol are:
 Create simulator
 Create an event scheduler
 Turn the tracing on
 Create network topology
 setup packet loss, link dynamics e.t.c
 setup routing agents
 Create connections(transport) between nodes
 Create traffic
 Start simulation
It draws a graph on an X display given data read from data files or from some input.
Following specifications define the assignment.
 The delays have been mentioned on the figure.
 FLOW1: N1-N5
 FLOW2: N2-N6
 For the TCP transport layer protocol, we have FTP application layer protocol while, for the UDP transport layer protocol, we have CBR application layer protocol.
 For the given questions, we have different TCP flavors i.e. TCP reno and TCP tahoe.
 Queue size is specified to be 10 for all questions.
 For all the questions, we have to calculate the average throughput i.e. the throughput during whole time interval.

Read about TCP Reno, TCP Tahoe and TCP SACK. Provide a comparison of the three TCP flavors, preferably in a table format. Finally provide a short analysis/result on which of the three is better. Your analysis must be precise not exceeding 15-20 lines.

It is a reliable connection oriented protocol. It ensures reliability of packet transference due to acknowledgements. Reliability is ensured by starting a timer whenever a packet is sent. If the acknowledgement is received within the time then its fine else wise, there is packet loss.
28-04-2011, 09:58 AM
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RE: computer networking full report
Presented By
Brian Bogue

.ppt  networking.ppt (Size: 2.73 MB / Downloads: 193)
Computer Networking
Internet Service Provider [ISP] Satellite, Wireless, Cable and Dial-up
Direcway Satellite is our ISP with a connection speed of 850K down and 35K up.
Wireless Network Allows us to share our internet connection and files to multiple sites. Sending a signal just under ½ mile.
Hardware Required Location, Location, Location
Height and a clear line of sight is most important for speed.
Switch with 4-8 ports [may need a router]
Outdoor CAT 5 cable, RJ45 connectors and crimper tool.
Access Point {use power-over-ethernet; from experience}
UPS [battery backup – keep out power problems]
Hardware Required II Location, Location, Location
Antennae at each location
Hardwire to remote location computer.
Be Patient and Secure your Network!!
Keep on trying and asking questions.
Make sure you turn on the security for your wireless network.
A firewall must be on all computers running on the network.
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