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18-01-2011, 07:53 PM
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RE: braingate technology
please provide full documentation about braingate system
19-01-2011, 10:39 AM
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RE: braingate technology
seminar presentation has posted the documentation. please go through the below page too..

01-03-2011, 11:03 AM
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RE: braingate technology

.doc  Brain gate system.doc (Size: 344 KB / Downloads: 166)

The mind-to-movement system that allows a quadriplegic man to control a computer using only his thoughts is a scientific milestone. It was reached, in large part, through the brain gate system. This system has become a boon to the paralyzed. The Brain Gate System is based on Cyber kinetics platform technology to sense,transmit,analyze and apply the language of neurons. The principle of operation behind the Brain Gate System is that with intact brain function, brain signals are generated even though they are not sent to the arms, hands and legs.The signals are interpreted and translated into cursor movements, offering the user an alternate Brain Gate pathway to control a computer with thought,just as individuals who have the ability to move their hands use a mouse.
The 'Brain Gate' contains tiny spikes that will extend down about one millimetre into the brain after being implanted beneath the skull,monitoring the activity from a small group of neurons.It will now be possible for a patient with spinal cord injury to produce brain signals that relay the intention of moving the paralyzed limbs,as signals to an implanted sensor,which is then output as electronic impulses. These impulses enable the user to operate mechanical devices with the help of a computer cursor. Matthew Nagle,a 25-year-old Massachusetts man with a severe spinal cord injury,has been paralyzed from the neck down since 2001.After taking part in a clinical trial of this system,he has opened e-mail,switched TV channels,turned on lights.He even moved a robotic hand from his wheelchair. This marks the first time that neural movement signals have been recorded and decoded in a human with spinal cord injury.The system is also the first to allow a human to control his surrounding environment using his mind.
How does the brain control motor function?
The brain is "hardwired" with connections, which are made by billions of neurons that make electricity whenever they are stimulated. The electrical patterns are called brain waves. Neurons act like the wires and gates in a computer, gathering and transmitting electrochemical signals over distances as far as several feet. The brain encodes information not by relying on single neurons, but by spreading it across large populations of neurons, and by rapidly adapting to new circumstances.
Motor neurons carry signals from the central nervous system to the muscles, skin and glands of the body, while sensory neurons carry signals from those outer parts of the body to the central nervous system. Receptors sense things like chemicals, light, and sound and encode this information into electrochemical signals transmitted by the sensory neurons. And interneurons tie everything together by connecting the various neurons within the brain and spinal cord. The part of the brain that controls motor skills is located at the ear of the frontal lobe.
How does this communication happen? Muscles in the body's limbs contain embedded sensors called muscle spindles that measure the length and speed of the muscles as they stretch and contract as you move. Other sensors in the skin respond to stretching and pressure. Even if paralysis or disease damages the part of the brain that processes movement, the brain still makes neural signals. They're just not being sent to the arms, hands and legs.
 A technique called neurofeedback uses connecting sensors on the scalp to translate brain waves into information a person can learn from. The sensors register different frequencies of the signals produced in the brain. These changes in brain wave patterns indicate whether someone is concentrating or suppressing his impulses, or whether he is relaxed or tense.
A neuroprosthetic device known as Braingate converts brain activity into computer commands. A sensor is implanted on the brain, and electrodes are hooked up to wires that travel to a pedestal on the scalp. From there, a fiber optic cable carries the brain activity data to a nearby computer.
"The principle of operation of the BrainGate Neural Interface System is that with intact brain function, neural signals are generated even though they are not sent to the arms, hands and legs. These signals are interpreted by the System and a cursor is shown to the user on a computer screen that provides an alternate "BrainGate pathway". The user can use that cursor to control the computer, just as a mouse is used."
25-03-2011, 02:33 PM
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RE: braingate technology

BrainGate is a brain implant system developed by the bio-tech company Cyberkinetics in 2003 in conjunction with the Department of Neuroscience at Brown University.The system is to help those who have lost control of their limbs, or other bodily functions, such as patients with spinal cord injury to operate various gadgets such as TV, computer ,lights, fan etc.. During paralysis the brain generates the signals but these signals do not reach the intended muscles. Hence the muscles do not react and thus no movement is observed. A solution to this problem can be a direct interaction between the brain and appliance. Thus no muscle movement is required to get the work done. The brain can directly do it. The user must only be equipped with this braingate system.
The braingate is the culmination of 10 years of research in the laboratory of Dr.John Donoghue, who is the chair man of the Neuroscience Department at Brown University and chief scientific officer for cyberkinetics. He studied the functioning of braingate in monkeys and proved that they were able to control a curser on a computer monitor with their thoughts.
They have not only demonstrated in preclinical studies that braingate can remain safely implanted in the (monkey) brain for at least two years, but have shown that it can safely be removed as well.
26-04-2011, 04:14 PM
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RE: braingate technology

.ppsx  braingate ppt.ppsx (Size: 12.36 MB / Downloads: 265)


The BrainGate™ Neural Interface System is an investigational medical device that is being developed to improve the quality of life for physically disabled people by allowing them to quickly and reliably control a wide range of devices by thought, including computers, environmental controls, robotics and medical devices. In the future, the BrainGate System may enable those with severe motor disabilities to use their own arms and hands again. Cyberkinetics is also developing products to allow for robotic control, such as a thought-controlled wheelchair. Next generation products may be able to provide an individual with the ability to control devices that allow 2005 breathing, bladder and bowel movements.

Whats Bran Gate?




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13-09-2011, 06:40 PM
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RE: braingate technology
thank u for sending braingate pdf
16-02-2012, 05:00 PM
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RE: braingate technology

to get information about the topic brain gate technology full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow





09-05-2012, 11:26 AM
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RE: braingate technology
braingate technology

.ppt  Brain gate Technology.ppt (Size: 4.92 MB / Downloads: 71)


“The goal of the BrainGate program is to develop a fast, reliable and unobtrusive connection between the brain of a severely disabled person and a personal computer“
It is expected that people using the BrainGate System will employ a personal computer as the gateway to a range of self-directed activities
These to include the control of objects in the environment such as a telephone, a television and lights


BrainGate is a brain implant system developed by the bio-tech company Cyberkinetics in 2003 in conjunction with the Department of Neuroscience at Brown University
The BrainGate is the culmination of 10 years of research in the laboratory of Dr. John Donoghue In conjunction with RI Hospital neurosurgeon, Dr. Gerhard Friehs
These researchers co-founded Cyberkinetics, so that the BrainGate could be further evaluated in human clinical studies

Brain Gate

The BrainGate Neural Interface Device is a proprietary brain-computer interface that consists of an internal neural signal sensor and external processors that convert neural signals into an output signal under the users own control
The technology includes
an electrode array
computer chip
According to the Cyberkinetics' website, three patients have been implanted with the BrainGate system
The Braingate array is also capable of recording electrical data for later analysis

BrainGate CHIP:

The computer chip, which is implanted into the brain, monitors brain activity in the patient and converts the intention of the user into computer commands.

Currently the chip uses 100 hair-thin electrodes that sense the electro-magnetic signature of neurons firing in specific areas of the brain

It is a 4 by 4 mm chip
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