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07-04-2009, 09:15 PM
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Bluetooth Security Full Download Seminar Report and Paper Presentation

Bluetooth Security

Abstract :

Bluetooth is a way of connecting machines to each other without cables or any other physical medium. It uses radio waves to transfer information, so it is very easily affected by attacks. In this let me first give some background information about Bluetooth system and security issues in ad hoc networks, a security framework is introduced for the description of the Bluetooth security layout.
Then both link-level and service-level security schemes are discussed in detail on the basis of the framework and then it concentrates on specific security measures in Bluetooth, mainly authentication, encryption, key management and ad hoc aspects. Corresponding countermeasures are also proposed in order to improve the Bluetooth security.

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31-03-2010, 08:14 PM
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RE: Bluetooth Security Full Download Seminar Report and Paper Presentation
The Name-Bluetooth
The basic idea
How to creates connection
How a Bluetooth transfer data
Bluetooth security . Bluetooth Vs Wi-Fi
Beneficial because of
Advantages & disadvantages
What actually Bluetooth technology is
11 isn't some strange form of tooth decay as you might initially imagine. Bluetooth is the name of a technology that is now becoming commercially available. 11 promises to change significantly the way use machines.
Bluetooth technology is a wireless short-range communication system introduced to replace the cables connecting portable electronic devices.
Bluetooth is a developing, world wide, open, short-range radio specification focused on communication between the Internet and Net devices, plus it defines communication protocols between devices and computers.
The Name - Bluetooth
Bluetooth was named after a 10th century king, Harald Bluetooth, king of Denmark & Norway.
In 1994 Ericsson work on a wireless technology called Bluetooth. Since then many companies have adopted Bluetooth technology. Making it a small low power, low rate chip to wireless link.
The Bluetooth logo merges the Germanic runes analogous to the modern Latin letter H and B: (for Harald Bluetooth) T (Hagall) and & (Berkanan) merged together, forming a bind rune.
The Basic Idea
Bluetooth is a standard and communication protocol primarily designed for low power consumption.
Communication within short range is possible via Bluetooth(power-class-dependent: 1m, 10m, 100ms).
Bluetooth chip is designed to replace cables. Information normally carried by the cable, is transmitted at a special frequency to a receiver Bluetooth chip.
,i How a creates connection
For making a connection, a Bluetooth follows two procedures: -
1.) Inquiry (or Discovering) Procedure
2.) Paging (or Connecting) Procedure
I nquiry (or Discovering) Procedure
Bluetooth enabled devices use the inquiry procedure to discover nearby devices or to be discovered devices in their locality.
A Bluetooth enabled devices that tries to find other nearby devices is know as inquiry devices and actively send inquiry request.
Bluetooth enabled devices in a piconet.
Piconet: - It is a network in which upto eight Bluetooth enabled devices can be connected.
BLUETOOTH DEVICES:- Bluetooth exists in many products, such as telephones, printers and headsets. The technology transfers data between two or more devices that are near each other in low-bandwidth situations. Bluetooth is commonly used to transfer sound data with telephones or byte data with hand-held computers.
COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS:- A EC must have a Bluetooth adapter in order to be able to communicate with other Bluetooth devices (such as mobile phones, mice and keyboards). While some desktop computers and most recent laptops come with a built-in Bluetooth adapter, others will require an external one in the form of a dongle.
MOBILE PHONE REQUIREMENTS:- A mobile phone that is Bluetooth enabled is able to pair with many devices. To ensure the broadest support of feature functionality together with legacy device support.
Maximum P ermitted Power mW(dBm)
Class 1 100mW(20 dBm)
Class 2 2.5 mW (4 dBm)
Class 3 1 mW (0 dBm)
Version Data Rate
Version 1.2 1 Mbit/s

Version 2.0 + EDR 3 Mbit/s

WiMedia Alliance (proposed) 53 - 480 Mbit/s
~1 meter
Range (approximate)
,,How a Bluetooth transfer data
This networking transmit data via low power radio wave. The Bluetooth system is operating in the 2.4 GHz ISM (Industrial Scientific Medicine) band.
11 communicates on a frequency between 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz .
It can connect up to eight devices simultaneously, with all of those devices in the 10 meter (32feets) radius, as each has it's own 48-bit address.
It use a technique called spread spectrum frequency hopping that make it rare for more then one devices to be transmitting at the same time.
,i Bluetooth security
I n any wireless networking setup, security is a concern. Devices can easily grab radio waves out of the air, so people who send sensitive information over a wireless connection need to take precautions to make sure those signals aren't intercepted.
With Bluetooth, though the automatic nature of the connection, which is a huge benefit in terms of time and effort, is also a benefit to people looking to send you data without your permission.
It offers several security modes, and device manufacturers determine which mode to include in a Bluetooth-enabled gadget
,i Bluetooth security
I n almost all cases, Bluetooth users can establish "trusted devices" that can exchange data without asking permission. When any other device tries to establish a connection to the user's gadget, the user has to decide to allow it.
Service-level security and Device-level security work together to protect Bluetooth devices from unauthorized data transmission. require that users make a conscious decision to open a file or accept a data transfer.
Bluetooth & Wi-Fi both are wireless communication tech.
Both of them using same frequency range & are versions of unlicensed wireless technology, but employ different modulating techniques.
Bluetooth is a replacement of cable in small scale app. where as Wi-Fi in LAN access.
Wi-fi provides higher throughput & covers greater distances, but requires more expensive hardware & higher power consumption.
Bluetooth Technology is Beneficial because of it's:
Global Availability
Ease of Use
Globally Accepted Specification
Range of Devices
Secure Connections
More prevalent applications of Bluetooth include:
Wireless control of and communication between a mobile phone and a hands-free headsets. This was one of the earliest applications to become popular.
Wireless networking between PCs in a confined space and where little bandwidth is required.
Wireless communications with PC input and output devices, the most common being the mouse, keyboard and printer.
Sending small advertisements from Bluetooth enabled advertising hoardings to other, discoverable, Bluetooth devices.
Two seventh-generation game console, Sony's playstation3 use Bluetooth for their respective wireless controllers.
Dial-up internet access on personal computer or PDA using a data-capable mobile phone as a modem.
For controls where infrared was traditionally used. Replacement of wired serial communications, GPS receivers, medical equipment and traffic control devices.
Bluetooth has a lot to offer with an increasingly difficult market place. Bluetooth helps to bring with it the promise of freedom from the cables and simplicity in networking that has yet to be matched by LAN (Local Area Network).
I n the key marketplace, of wireless and handheld devices, the closest competitor to Bluetooth is infrared. I nfrared holds many key features, although the line of sight it provides doesn't go through walls or through obstacles like that of the Bluetooth technology.
Unlike infrared, Bluetooth isn't a line of sight and it provides ranges of up to 100 meters. Bluetooth is also low power and low processing with an overhead protocol. What this means, is that it's ideal for integration into small battery powered devices.
I nfrared can have data rates of up to 4 MBps, which provides very fast rates for data transfer, while Bluetooth only offers 1 MBps.
For this very reason, infrared has yet to be dispensed with completely and is considered by many to be the complimentary technology to that of Bluetooth. I nfrared has inherent security due to its line of sight.
The greater range and radio frequency (RF) of Bluetooth make it much more open to interception and attack. For this reason, security is a very key aspect to the Bluetooth specification.
Athough there are very few d isadvantages, Bluetooth still remains the best for short range wireess technology. Those who have tried t love t, and they know for a fact that Bluetooth will be around for years to come.
First, though there has been a great deal of research, the evidence pointing to any health hazard from radiation in the 800 MHz to 2 GHz range at the power levels used by mobile phones is, at worst, equivocal. This suggests that if there is any risk at all, it is very small. Second, I have not seen any studies suggesting any risk from Bluetooth. This is not surprising. While a phone needs to transmit with enough power to reach a base station antenna that may be a couple of miles away, Bluetooth has a nominal range of 30 feet.
1.) 2.) 3.) 4)

Attached File(s)
.pdf  Bluetooth-Seminar-Report.pdf (Size: 248.98 KB / Downloads: 1017)

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15-10-2010, 02:07 PM
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RE: Bluetooth Security Full Download Seminar Report and Paper Presentation

.ppt  gangxie-bluetooth.ppt (Size: 303 KB / Downloads: 470)
Embedded Bluetooth

presents to EE476 Class

GITAM University


Radio Specification

PDU format:
The Bluetooth system is operating in the 2.4 GHz ISM (Industrial Scientific Medicine) band. The regulatory range of this frequency band is 2.400 – 2.4835 GHz.
The Bluetooth radio accomplishes spectrum spreading by in 79 hops displaced by 1 MHz.
Radio modulation uses GFSK.

Bluetooth Design and Development Tools

Design tools: RF and digital design tools, simulators, and other tools

Development tools: including modules, chipsets, RA and digital kits, protocol implementations and other tools

Testing/evaluation tools
20-10-2010, 12:38 PM
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RE: Bluetooth Security Full Download Seminar Report and Paper Presentation

.ppt  englishPPT.ppt (Size: 1.66 MB / Downloads: 344)




Bluetooth is a short range communication technology was developed to replace the cables and to provide high levels of security.

Bluetooth is globally accepted device the any Bluetooth device connect to other Bluetooth enabled device almost every part in the world.
22-10-2010, 04:50 PM
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RE: Bluetooth Security Full Download Seminar Report and Paper Presentation

.ppt  blue tooth.ppt (Size: 243 KB / Downloads: 462)

.doc  BLUETOOTH.DOC (Size: 125.5 KB / Downloads: 482)

.pdf  BT-SDK_datasheet.pdf (Size: 227.32 KB / Downloads: 298)



Why is it called Bluetooth?

Harald Bluetooth was king of Denmark in the late 900s. He managed to unite Denmark and part of Norway into a single kingdom then introduced Christianity into Denmark. He left a large monument, the Jelling rune stone, in memory of his parents. He was killed in 986 during a battle with his son, Svend Forkbeard. Choosing this name for the standard indicates how important companies from the Nordic region (nations including Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) are to the communications industry, even if it says little about the way the technology works.


Daniela Djonin Stud. No.0033868 Jiexia Zhu Stud.No. 0020086
University of Victoria


In this project, the Bluetooth radio system is presented. It is an ad hoc radio system that allows devices from lots of different manufacturers to communicate with one another when they come into range. Bluetooth devices operate at 2.4GHz, in the globally available, license-free, ISM band and they use FH-CDMA technique because of its inherent interference rejection capability. Bluetooth specification also provides a flexible but well defined software stack that enables applications to find other Bluetooth devices in the area, discover what services they can offer, and use that services. Some security issues, as well as power management and QoS issues are also considered. Finally, there is a short overview of some possible Bluetooth applications.
01-11-2010, 12:50 PM
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RE: Bluetooth Security Full Download Seminar Report and Paper Presentation

.doc  bluetooth.doc (Size: 993 KB / Downloads: 129)

Messaging Bluetooth for your future…..

Mithun Sheth Vinit Tople
K. J. Somaiya College of Engg . K. J. Somaiya College of Engg
. Bombay Bombay
Final year (I.T.) Final year (Computers)


The primary purpose of the paper is to take a deeper insight to the current existing technologies like Bluetooth and Short Messaging Service and develop a new standard by amalgamating the two, which thereby removes the basic constraint of the limited range in Bluetooth and makes it wide enough by making a few changes. Thus, expanding current horizons of the new and promising technologies like Bluetooth by all limits and the applications being infinite to gear up for the next technical decade.
Think if you can control your T.V. set in New York by switching a few buttons in the Mumbai local trains…! Sounds unreal duh! But this paper has a Convergence Plan, which promises it to happen.
The paper is primarily divided into 3 parts
• Gives us a brief idea of how Bluetooth works today
• Gives us a brief idea of how SMS technology work today
• The Convergence plan
It basically deals with the current SMS technology which sends a message from one mobile to another mobile and from which at the other end of the mobile on receiving the SMS it decodes the special message as Bluetooth and converts it into a Bluetooth message which can be given to the Bluetooth chip to send as a message to control devices in the vicinity. A slight modification could be done by considering software, which can be installed at both ends of the PC (something analogous to messengers existing today), which can then be used to control the devices near the PC with Bluetooth technology
The plan concentrates on various topics like the basic logic involved, the protocol of how it will work, the reliability feature, the modifications that can be made to suffice the same need and the advantages of the technique used.
03-11-2010, 04:21 PM
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RE: Bluetooth Security Full Download Seminar Report and Paper Presentation
please send me this report to my email
03-11-2010, 04:30 PM
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RE: Bluetooth Security Full Download Seminar Report and Paper Presentation
send this report to my mail
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