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07-08-2009, 05:30 PM
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Bank Management System

.zip  Bank_Management_System source code.ZIP (Size: 3.67 MB / Downloads: 1766)

Bank Management System is based on dot NET and is a major project fro students.It is used to Keep the records of clients,employee etc in Bank.The bank management system is an application for maintaining a personâ„¢s account in a bank .
The system provides the access to the customer to create an account, deposit/withdraw the cash from his account, also to view reports of all accounts present
The following presentation provides the specification for the syste

To develop a software for solving financial applications of a customer in banking environment in order to nurture the needs of an end banking user by providing various ways to perform banking tasks. Also to enable the userâ„¢s workspace to have additional functionalities which are not provided under a conventional banking software.


Pentium VI Processor
HDD Capacity 2GB
We use the above mentioned hardware tools for increased speed, reduced complexity and for improved productivity.

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18-06-2010, 11:44 PM
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RE: Bank Management System
hello how is this project?

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10-03-2011, 04:28 PM
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RE: Bank Management System
Janardan Das

.doc  Bankingmanagement_Abstract.doc (Size: 2.12 MB / Downloads: 792)
Banking Management System

Banking management system (window application) has been developed using AWT, Swing, JDBC as font end and MySql as backend. Using this software a bank can maintain their records easily. So that the overall performance of the bank greatly increase.
Objective of the project:- A Bank organization needs a system where store all the information regarding its business and manage the data easily by which it can save time, money, and labour. There should be a system where it can store the information about his/her customer, buyer, seller etc and manipulate the data easily. It could get the report of its total property, customer, transaction, profit and loss etc. All these needs and much more are fulfilled in Banking Management System.
Banking Management System is useful to record customer’s details along with their request. It also records the buyer details, seller details and renter details. Banking Management System also provides the management reports like properties requested by the customers, income, expenditure, profit or loss of the company.
The administrative user can create new users and change their passwords. He can add the user’s information as well as new customer’s details. He can add information related to buyer, seller, renter, properties availability, income and expenditures etc. The administrator can view the management reports.
The operator can change their own passwords. The operator add new property, new customer, new transaction, new liability, new asset, new income, new expenditure, new employee and he/she can edit, delete and show the information. Operator can generate report of the total profit of loss date wise or month wise.
Banking Management System thus ensures smooth operation of the Real-Estate management tasks as well as keep the information about the employees and their salary.
Details of the project:-The project is divided into eleven modules such as:
Homepage: This module represents the total system of banking.
Customer: This module represents how the customers are transaction with bank.
Transaction: This module represents how the transactions are doing everyday.
Holidays: These module represents lists of holidays are available within in banking system.
Branches: This module represents how many branches are present in orissa.
Login : This module represents how a new user enter the banking application and doing there transactions details.
Logout: This module represents logout the banking organization.
Duration of the project: - 1 months
Hardware Requirements:-
Processor: Pentium 1.5 GHz
Hard disk capacity: 1 GB
RAM: 256 MB
Software Requirements:-
MYSQL: It is multi-threaded, multiuser database management system. The program runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases.
IDE: NetBeans 6.0

The initial release of Java was nothing of revolutionary, but it did not mark the end of java’s era of rapid innovation. Unlike most other software systems that usually settle into a pattern of small, increment improvements, java had already created java1.1 were more significant and substantial than the increase 1 the minor revision number would have you think. Java1.1 added many new library elements, redefined the way events are handled by applets, and reconfigured many features of the 1.0 library .It also deprecated several features originally defined by java1.0. Thus java1.1 both added and subtracted attributes from its original specification. Continuing in this evolution, java2 also and subtracts features.
Features added by 1.1
Version1.1 added some important elements to Java. Most of the addition occurred in the Java library. However, a few new language features were also included. Here is a list of the important features added by 1.1:
10-03-2011, 10:49 PM
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RE: Bank Management System
can you send me the dfd for banking management system in my email id
14-03-2011, 08:39 PM
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RE: Bank Management System
If you are monitoring and measuring the usage of your Bank Management System sales, sellers on your system, you (and they) see room for improvement. Make one change at a time so you can see the effects of each change. Setting group control or other ways to assess the impact of each change, so you can make your decisions based on facts, not guesses.
20-04-2011, 02:55 PM
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RE: Bank Management System

.pptx  project.pptx (Size: 269.84 KB / Downloads: 241)

The objective is to prepare a software or application, which could maintain data & provide a user friendly interface for retrieving customer related details just in few seconds, with 100% accuracy.
To allow only authorized user to access various functions and processes available in the system.
Locate any A/C wanted by the user.
Reduced clerical work as most of the work done by computer.
Provide greater speed & reduced time consumption.
To increase the number of A/C and customer.
This system of banking is safe and secure.The various transactions provided may range depending upon the interoperability of the software. The most common facilities provided are Crediting,Debiting,Transfer of money to other accounts etc.This project has a front-end and a back-end
This system provides the following facilities:-
*Balance enquiry
*Funds transfer to another account in the same bank.
*Request for cheque book/change of address/stop payment of cheques.
Identify a problem or an opportunity.
Analyzing the current system in the light of the problem/opportunity.
Justification of a new system or a modification of the old to meet the needs of the users.
Customer login and authentication module.
Online account opening.
Customer check-in account.
Customer deposit and withdrawal module.
In the current system data related to banking is maintained by writing it on to various registers.
Registers may lost or damage.
Any unauthorized person can access confidential data.
Each A/C and customer is assigned a unique code. Whenever a new book or member is added then librarian has to search whether that code is previously existing or not.
When a particular A/c is to be modified for one or more fields the user can be modified.
Any information can be easily searched.
All records of A/c`s and customer are stored in separate files. Which
Are maintained constantly update by system.
Particular A/c information can be modified.
A particular customer record can be modified for one or more field’s customer name, address by providing A/c number.
A customer record can be easily deleted by providing A/c number.
The proposed system provides faster data access, data entry and retrieval.
Pentium III computer -700 MHz
Motherboard –Intel chipset 800
Hard disk capacity -5 GB
RAM – 64 MB
Monitors – Color monitor with VGA card having a resolution 640 X 480
Java server pages (JSP): JSP is another server side programming tool of J2EE but it also consists of the ability to integrate html and xml codes easily.
Html: Html has been the language of web applications since almost its advent. We have used html in this project to design static pages as well as embedded it within JSP and Servlet codes.
Sql: Microsoft Sql Server 2000 comprises of data tables used for data entry.
a) LOGIN FORM: This form is used to verify the authenticity of the user or administrator by checking the Password.
b) user_Win FORM: As the user login into the project through this form, it contains all menus by which user can switch over to any of the desired form.
c) CANCELLATION FORM: This form is used to cancel the customer registration from database table.
d) NEW REGISTRATION FORM: This form is used to add customer to the customer table.
e) DELETE FORM: This form used is used to delete customer from customer table.
This project is useful for the authorities which keep track of all the customers as well as employees.
Overall the project teaches us the essential skills like:
Using system analysis and design techniques like data flow diagram in designing the system.
Understanding the database handling and query processing.
The project has following features:
• System Connectivity
• No data duplication
• No Paper Work Required
• Time Efficient
• Cost Efficient
12-05-2011, 03:08 PM
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RE: Bank Management System

.doc  2909460-UML-DIAGRAMSBANK-MANAGEMENT.doc (Size: 110 KB / Downloads: 136)
1. Online Transaction - use case specifications
1.1 Brief Description

Account transaction begins when customer is successfully logged in to the site. Several menus where displayed related to profile of customer and the recent transactions and the current account balance.
The main purpose of using online account transactions is to transfer cash from one account to another for this purpose the customer is provided fields to specify the accounts to which he is transferring amount. After every transaction a confirmation is displayed to customer.
The customer is also provided the possibility to change the account login password, but not the user id, every transaction is added to the bank database.
Flow of Events
1.2 Basic flow

1. User enters username and password.
2. Bank Database validates the user.
3. On success user can transfer money, change his password and view his profile.
1.3 Alternate Flow
If in the basic flow, the details specified by user are invalid then he is informed that his login is failed .Then the user may quit the system or he may create a new account.
1.4 Pre Conditions
The user should have a valid account in the bank.
1.5 Post Conditions
The account database is modified after transaction.
2. Client Desktop transaction- Use case specifications
2.1 Brief Description

Client desktop is given to each of bank employees and they are provided with account logins with a user id and a password. Every employee switches on his desktop and login to his account through which he can communicate with bank database.
An employee can have operations like withdrawal of money, giving loans, furnishing the DD/cheque and customers may want to deposit money.
Bank employee is allowed to modify the database accordingly. And the intended services are provided to the customers.
Flow of Events
2.2 Basic flow
1. Employee enters his username and password.
2. Bank Database validates the employee.
3. On success employee can withdraw or deposit money, issue loans and
DD/cheque to the customers.
2.3 Alternate Flow
If in the basic flow, the details specified by employee are invalid the he is informed that his login is failed .Then the person is not employee of the bank and he is not having authority to perform those actions.
2.4 Pre Conditions
The employee must possess a account login and password.
2.5 Post Conditions
The account database is modified after transaction. Employee issues dd/cheque to user.
3. Login- Use case specifications
3.1 Brief Description

The online customer or a bank employee has to login to access their accounts from bank database. A vendor is provided for communication with bank’s database and this vendor provides safety and atomicity. A user may be an invalid user so the system has to prompt the person appropriately.
21-06-2011, 12:29 PM
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RE: Bank Management System

.doc  qwerty.doc (Size: 739 KB / Downloads: 125)
Here we represent BANKING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for creating a account , depositing , withdrawl and viewing all accounts informantion .
 Our software will perform and fulfill all the tasks that any customer would desire.
 Our motto is to develop a software program for managing the entire bank process related to customer accounts, employee accounts and to keep each every track about their property and their various transaction processes efficiently.
 Hereby, our main objective is the customer’s satisfaction considering today’s faster world.
1.2) SCOPE
A Computerized visual Banking System will be :
• Fast
• Effective
• Safe
• User Friendly
This software has the following scope :
Customer :
A customer can enquire about account details and deposit , withdraw money . This system provides a registration mechanism to register account for a new customer or create another account for a existing customer . It provides mechanism for quering about the balance left in the account .
Admin :
It also provides mechanism for the admin to keep a track of the records of the customer .
1.) Java The Complete Reference .
2.) Learn Programming in Java .
3.) Java Tutorials .
4.) Banking Management System Data .
1.3) Specific Requirement
1. Welcome To Banking Management System .
This software can be made to interact with specific hardware if required so. Screen formats of the software can be set according to user requirement basically .
Input Device
• Keyboard
• Mouse
Output Device
• Monitor
System Requirements:
• Ram 256 Mb or above .
• Display super VGA or above .
• Hard Disk – 1.5GB Installation .
• 2GB MSDN Library documentation .
Rating Bank Management System Options
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