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20-08-2012, 12:08 PM
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.doc  APTITUD.doc (Size: 101 KB / Downloads: 116)

Analytical reasoning

1. Joe's age , Joe's sister's age and Joe's fathers age sums up to a century. When sox s as old as his father, Joe's
sister will be twice as old as now. When Joe is as old as his father then his father is twice as old as when his
sister was as old as her father

Ans: Joe=20 sister=30 father=50

2. At 6'o clock clock ticks 6 times. The time between first and last ticks was 30sec. How much time it takes at
12'o clock.?
Ans. 66 sec. 2 marks.

3. Three friends divided some bullets equally. After all of them shot 4 bullets the total no.of remaining bullets is equal
to that of one has after division. Find the original number divided.
Ans: 18

4. A ship went on a voyage after 180 miles a plane started with 10 times speed that of the ship. Find the distance
when they meet from starting point.
Ans: 200

5. A man sold two cows for Rs. 210 at a total profit of 5 %. He sold one cow at a loss of 10% and another at a
profit of 10%. What is the price of each cow?
Ans: Rs. 150 and Rs. 50

Directions: 6 -10 In each of the questions given below which one of the five answer figures on the right should come after the problem figures on the left, if the sequence were continued ?
Answers 6-10
6) B 7) D 8) E 9) A 10) C

Questions 11- 15 are to be answered on the following data

A causes B or C, but not both
F occurs only if B occurs
D occurs if B or C occurs
E occurs only if C occurs
J occurs only if E or F occurs
D causes G, H or both
H occurs if E occurs
G occurs if F occurs

11. If A occurs which of the following must occurs
I. F and G
II. E and H
(a) I only
(b) II only
© III only
(d) I,II, & III
(e) I & II (or) II & III but not both
Ans. (e)

12. If B occurs which must occur
(a) D
(b) D and G
© G and H
(d) F and G
(e) J
Ans. (a)

13. If J occurs which must have occurred
(a) E
(b) either B or C
© both E & F
(d) B
(e) both B & C
Ans. (b)

14. Which may occurs as a result of cause not mentioned
I. D
(a) I only
(b) II only
© I & II
(d) II & III
(e) I,II & III
Ans. ©

15. E occurs which one cannot occurs
(a) A
(b) F
© D
(d) C
Ans: (b)

Directions16-20: Each problem consists of a problem followed by two statements. Decide whether the data in the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Select your answer according to whether:
(A) statement 1 alone is sufficient, but statement 2 alone is not sufficient to answer the question
(B) statement 2 alone is sufficient, but statement 1 alone is not sufficient to answer the question
© both statements taken together are sufficient to answer the question, but neither statement alone is sufficient
(D) each statement alone is sufficient
(E) statements 1 and 2 together are not sufficient, and additional data is needed to answer the question
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